Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Makalidurga Night trek – 16th April 2010

It was a back to back weekend biking.  I could hardly resist Rohit’s call.  Rohit, Sandeep, Murali, Giri, Pritham, Kiran, and Myself took the wheels to Makalidurga. 

We started biking towards our destination around Midnight 23.30 Hrs.  It was a small team compared to our previous weekend trek.  We reached the base camp of Makalidurga around 1.00 Hrs. We spent considerable amount of time on the near by railway track.  When we were on a photosession, a train signaled its arrival.  We were eagerly waiting for the devil on the track to unveil its mighty power.  We were speechless when it zoomed past us.  Still the effect of sound and shiver echoes in  my mind. 

We stared searching for the path, and slowing started going on a unwinding path.  By this time Kiran started feeling uncomfortable, and feeling restless.  We waited for them, and continued once they are with us.  After almost half an hour later, we hit a big monolith rock, where in there was no hope to climb without a rope (Rappling).  We decided to sleep in a nearby place.  The sun, walked in to his office, Sandeep and Giri, made an unsuccessful attempt to find a parallel path to reach the peak.  But others were not in a mood to follow them.  We pulled them back and stared climbing down the hill to reach the base camp where we had left our bikes.

Myself, and Kiran decided to returned back to Bengaloru, and the rest  of them headed towards Ghati Subramanya. 
It was a flop trek, but the amazing view of railway track from the mid way of the hillock and trains zooming past in a wind blowing speed gave us enough satisfaction in an otherwise dull trek when compared to the lively weekend trek we took the previous week.

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