Sunday, August 21, 2011

Drenching in Western Ghats - A fabulous experience

An unconventional call to organise a trip of motion and emotion to western ghat from my cousin brother deepu spurred the idea of mixing nature, sentiments, emotions, pilgrimage all in one to blend a perfect get away during drenching western ghats in rain.

A cab had been hired from the gate way of Malanaadu - Shivamoga to take us to unwinding journey in to the scenic beauty.

The next three days we had put our imprints in the mother nature's lap.

13th Aug 2011
Tyavare Koppa : A good 10Kms from the heart of shivamoga, it is a breeding centre for Tiger.  You can feel the Tiger presence in the close ranges.  And the tigers also used to human habitation, so it gives pose just like how we give in our marriage reception.  A wonder treat to go inside the forest captivity to see the giant sized tigers who walks majestically all the way in their own yard.  If you want to see the real tiger, please visit this place.

Entry fee, and for camera on charged basis, and also the safari ride.  Altogether you need to shell our around Rs.100/-  per head, but i feel it is paisa vasool.

Hara Kere - Harana Kere : A good 8Kms from Shivamoga on Old Teerthahalli road.  This is a unique place where in you can find Rameshwara Temple which is close to 600-700 years old, and also Cluster of Idols depicting Kailasa.  A giant statue of Shiva sorrounded by Saptha Rishis, Lord Shiva's family, and also his disciple. When river is not swollen you can cross the river to find our n number of shiva linga in the river stream.  A great place to spend in the evenings between 4PM to 6PM.

Gajanur Dam: A 11Kms from heart of Shivamoga on Old Teertahalli Road A dam had been constructed to hold back Tunga River water to cater the needs for the fields in and around this place.  A water in full, this dam gives you to spectacular view of water body.

Sakkare Bayalu : A good 12 Kms from Shivamoga. The elephants
 are trained in this place.  You can see elephants being taken to bath, feeding, and also a boat ride if river is not swollen.  You have to be in this place before 11Am in the mornings, the best would be between 8.30 to 11.00 in the morning hours.

Manda Gadde : Just a throw away distance from Sakkare Bayalu. A clusters of great white birds perching on each and every leaf, branch, tree makes the whole tree painted in white. A picture perfect place for birds photography, and also birds voice recordings people.

Kavishaila : The birth place of Rashtra Kavi Kuvempu.  This is a wonderful place to step your presence in.  A wonderfully maintained place of Kuvempu.  The guides, and the exhibited things easily take you to 200-300 years back.  While coming out of the three storied palace like house you will feel enlightened and also you feel  proud to know that we have a rich cultural collection of Kuvempu.  The scenic rocky spot behind this house where the famed poet used to get inspiration to write many legendary collections takes your breath away.  A must visit place for all irrespective of language barrier. The entry ticket itself a piece of information to preserve for life time.

Chibbalu Gudda Ganapa : Very close to Kuvempu's birthplace, there is a temple dedicated to lord ganesha which says this Ganapa is Swayambu meaning it came from the ground zero. Beyond the religious belief's this temple has a nice atmosphere, ambiance.  A flowing river in the back drop where fishes just jumps in air to feed them gives the relaxation required.

14th August 2011

Varadahalli - Sridhar Ashrama 

A 70kms driver from Shivamoga on Sagara Route, and a left deviation for about 6Kms takes you to this silent place.  It is an Ashrama where Sridhar Gurugalu meditated, served the needy people, and also attained moksha.  This place has a calm presence, the religious believer can take a dive here, and the non-religious people can walk through this place for a great scene at the top of this Ashrama.  A glimpse can be seen in this following video.

Jog Falls
If i write a more line, people will trash me. Coz, there are million, and trillions had been written about this majestic falls, but one last thing would want to say is this is my 7th trip to this place, but i could see more water than in all my previous visits.  Since mad people who does not follow lane discipline, we could not go near the guest house to see the other side of the falls.

Ikkeri - A Shiva Temple

It is a classic temple in Dravidian style, you can not expect Belur Halebeedu style of sculptures, but the frame itself is big enough to mesmarise the viwer.  A Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, a monolith Nandi, and well maintained garden just pleases your eyes.The beauty of the temple can seen in this clip from the movie Amrutha Ghalige

Naada Kalasi - A Dravidian - Hoysala Temple

This is a twin temple, wonderful constructed, and well maintained too.  Dravidian temple, later completed by Hoysala Kings steals the show.  The pillars of the temple had been polished to retain the glorious past are worth effort.  This temple is on the Soraba Road, a good 8Kms from the Sagara main road really a worth visit.

On the way to temple, we found a interesting coconut tree, which made a U-turn on the way to reach its top, an unusual bend as for as city dwellers like me.

15th August 2011

This is the temple established by Shankaracharya the founder of Dwaitha Siddantha - Aham Brahmasmi. We had Darshan of Sharadaamba in Shringeri, Vidhya Shankara Temple, and then left to Horanaadu, Kalasa on Kudremukha Road.  What a journey it was, wherever you see, only greenery, greenery all the way.

Kadaambi Falls
On the way to Horanaadu on Kudremukha high way, you can see the majestic water falls, even though you can not touch the water, the falls gives you a great view from the road itself.  Monkey's will make your life miserable if you are carrying any food packets in your hand.

Hanumana Gundi Falls.
Due to time constaint we could not go to this falls, which is just a throw away distance from Kadambi falls, but nevertheless i will come back with my team to this place.  This was my promise to Hanumana Gundi Falls

Kalasa Temple:
A old temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, the famous movie of Annavaru Shravana Banthu had been picturised here.  You can see in this clip below

Horanaadu Temple :
This is a temple dedicated to Matha Annapoorneshwari.  You will not blink your eyes when you see the goddess, such a bhakthi, feeling you get when you get in to the shrine.  A Great place to conclude the long weekend.

1. In every turn on the ghats changing climate.  You will tend to scratch your heard whats happening, one curve you will get heavy rains with poor visibility, other curve no rains, so on.
2. A peacock in a house on the way to Teertha Halli, it will play with you, we could see the beautiful feathers from the close ranges

3. Finally my long companion shoot at sight Digi Camera finally feeling tired, and its hands are rising up.