Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hill View Resort - A Team Outing - 9th April 2011

"Oh Oh Oh....bus is coming, common guys will get in to the bus" The baritoned Krishna told all of us standing near Big Bazaar in Mysore Road Terminal for BMTC.   When we hopped in to the bus, it was brimming full with enthusiastic, energetic colleagues. The Sarathi of the Bus, was in full swing, coz, everyday applying clutch, brakes in the busy Bangalore traffic made way for zipping on the road.  In no time, we were at the entrance of the resort

Three angels received all of us at the reception of the resort. After a handshaking formality with the officials at the resort, and a mandatory welcome drink (Fruit Juice) Ramesh, the organiser led us to breakfast session.  A mouth watering eateries were waiting for us.  Breakfast was hot, spicy, and tasty.

We were already on the field to test the ground with football, volleyball, and religion of india "the cricket".  The ambiance was encouraging, the atmosphere was breathtaking.  After finishing the match, were cuddled in the pool of water.

The indoor games, photo session followed the lunch.  Again our taste buds were satisified again with the hot and happening food.  With an antakshari on the cards, the team was on high singings spree belting all the songs on a high decibel.

The evening chats, and juice session followed with one more game of cricket, and finally we bid adieu to the resort, when the sun was on the way to log-off from his duties for the day.

It was a nice weekend with the bunch of enthusiastic team.

Finale :
1. Team manager - Sathyanathan's, Swimming skills was breathtaking
2. Christi's allround skills - Photography, Cricket, Swimming Pool, Table Tennis, Billiards - The man of talent
3. Diving stunts to the pool by few members of the team, the stand out being Babu.
4. HR personnel - Naveens' stylish presence
5. Krishna's sense of humor with great witty dialogues
6. Over and above all, Ramesh's cool arrangement for the whole outing

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