Thursday, January 26, 2012

Republic Day Flower Show - Lalbagh

The flowers always blossoms without having any intention to satisfy itself.  The fragrance are not meant for the flower but for the others.  

A great example how our life should be..

A casual walk in to the Lalbagh made me to think the lines above.

The world requires peace, fragrance, and continuous fight against our own negative feelings.

100th year of Botanical Garden Show!!

The ticketing made electronic this time (not sure they had introduced this time, or previous since i had missed the previous outing).  That was the first step to keep controlling the crowd flow.  Then it was neatly monitored all-round. This was a sign of success.  
Tiny pockets of Islands of Flowers, Frutis, Vegitables!!!
A floating tiny islands of flowers, vegitables, fruits was a attraction this time.
The man behind the construction of Glass House ...John Cameron...

The man behind the botanical garden....Krumbeigal
A neatly decked flowers in the form of Saanchi Stoopa depicting peace preached by Bhagavaan Buddha impressed me lot.  Even though it could have been better, but the effort by the Lalbagh staff highly commendable one. 
The peacock standing majestically explains the vibrant color of India.  Unity in Diversity, the peacock feather has multiple colors.  
The fight against our own negative feelings which can kill the enthusiasm aply spread accross in the form of Sand art.  Sand shows how to get adjusted to the situation.  If you pour water in to it, it will absorbs, if you spread across in the sun, it dries.  This is the law of life.  Allow the peace to sink in, and then spread across the world.  
When the good feelings spreads its like a pigeon show...all flew away in a sync makes the picture a perfect one.
The public always behind any revolution, so we need re-public entries  to bring the country to the front.
Jai Hind, and Standing ovation for the lalbagh authorities for putting a great show of fragrance and peace.

The low points:
1. Littering the park of plants
2. Sky high price of edible commodities which is available for 
    almost half the price outside.
3. Mad crowd, who doesn't care for others.