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Lion Safari+Gajanoor Dam+BRP+Jog+Sigandoor+Kollur+Shringeri+Horanadu+Kalasa+Shimoga Local 8th October 2008 to 12th Oct 2008.

To break the monotonus working atmosphere, decided to make a trip to gateway of Malenadu “The Shimvamoga” with my life time buddies Putti, Guru, and my sweet heart Savitha and my papa. On the 8th Day of October 2008, Myself, Savitha, Papa, and Putti left Bengaloru to Shivamoga.  Guru reached us by train.
9th October 2008
We reached Guru’s house by 6.30, got refreshed.  By that time hired maruthi van arrived, we packed in to the vehicle and headed towards the lion safari on the way to Gajanur dam. 
The safari was a good outing, the lush green, the dense forest, the endangered Lion, Tiger was a visual treat for us. 

Gajanur Dam was extremely lively.  We remembered Annvara hadu “Endendu Ninnanu marethu from Eradu Kanasu and many more of his movies were shot here.
The haranakere, famous for life size statues of the lord shiva, Subramanya, Ganesha, Parvathi, and Shiva’s subjects in Kailasa was a viewers delight.  Our manasu saluted the master craftsman Kashinath from Shivamoga.

The Bhadravathi River Project was amazing, water water water everywhere.  We played with water for sometime, then headed towards Shivamoga the sun was signing off from his duty for the day.
Our visit to Kote Anjaneya temple in Kote brought down memories of my childhood spent in the vicinity of the temple. 

Ramanna shresti’s park was a very good.  The giant statue of the lord Ganesh welcomed us.  Again the master craftsman Kashinath’s hand did a magic.
10th October 2008
We left Shivamoga in a Maruthi Van by 6.00 Hrs in the morning.  Guru mom joined our gang.  Our first stop was Sridhara Ashrama in Varadahalli.  The Ashrama, the Dwajastamba were a great piece of peace.  My ears were echoing “Hindustanavu endu mareyada” song from Amrutha Galige which was picturised in this location.

The second stop was the majestic Jog falls.  Even though it lost its majesty due to less rainfalls during that time, but it is, and the deep valley, and gorge point will sends chill the down the spine through the year. We happened to stand on the gorge point to assume ourselves as a hero from the kannada blockbuster “Mungaru Male”.

We hoped in to the Launge in the backwaters of the river Sharavathi to take us to the Sigandoor Chowdeshwari temple.  The cruise on the backwater was really breathtaking with the scenic beauty around.  Then we ran in to Kollur in the latenight, and halted.
11th October 2008
Next day, we had Mookambika Darshan and headed towards Shringeri.  The goddess Sharadamba was a any devotee’s delight.  The vidyashankara devasthana was a architecture wonder. On the way to Kalasa we found a nice waterfalls, played around, and then headed towards Kalasa and then to Horanadu.
We had dinner there and returned to Shivamoga late in the night.

12th October 2008.
Since we had booked the seats to Bengaloru late in the night, we were forced to spend the whole day wandering in Shivamoga.  So we hopped in to Shivappanayakana Aramane.  It was a very old palace of Nayaka’s.  The museum was equally impressive.

This was my sojourn to my childhood days.  Memories brought down like a thunder from the rainy sky.  Many thanks to Putti, Guru for providing me the necessary back support for the trip, eventually after this  trip  our friendship faded in to the smokes, but the snap shots, which proves to be, breathing moments of my life.

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