Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Channagiri Night trek on bike – 9th April 2010

Rohit call pulled me to try out a night trek to Channgiri on bike.   A kind of record 15 members joined  the trek.  Myself, Rohit, Sandeep, Jatin, Rahul, Sundar, Adarsh, Manju, Vishnu, Tarun, Shwetha, Arpita, Ritu, Jayshree, Manisha were the bike gang.

We assembled near Hebbal flyover on the down ramp.  Started by 23.00 Hrs. We reached the base camps of Channagiri by 00.30 Hrs in the early morning. With our torches on slowly started peaking the peak.  Vishnu, Jatin and Sundar were the path finders for us.

We reached the peak around 2.30 to 3.00 Hrs. Rohit, and Sundar began preparing hot bajjis for us.  Rest of the team helped them to collect the fire wood, lighting up the required fire to prepare the bajjis.  It was a nice experience to eat bajjis in the twilight of the night.  Manisha, Jayshree, Shwetha, Arpita decided to take rest, and rest of the guys started wandering around the peak.  Myself and Sandeep decided to sleep for a while, and then we woke up for the rousing voice of our team mates screaming that sun started rising.  We took the heels and went for a photo session with the sun. 

It was a wonderful nature at our sight, Nandi Hills, Skandagiri were within our vicinity.  After a marathon photosession,  we started heading downwards.  By 8.30 in the morning we were ready to start of our bikes.  After a break fast break near Devanahalli, we headed towards Bengaloru.

It was a very good biking trek.  Riding the bike in the cool breeze was unforgettable experience.

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