Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Z Point+Hebbe Falls+Mullayana Giri + Belavadi - 09-07-2011 to 10-07-2011

Z point was feeling very low.  I had promised to summit last year,  when I missed my trekking guru Rohit's call.  

When I saw the misty snap of Z-point, was just speech less, and i cursed myself enough times so that, 

Z point itself came in the dream, and tapped my shoulder and said, 
"don't worry Sri, always there is next chance....."
"typically NO means next opportunity, so do not worry, 
i will get decked myself when you summit me"

Z point
True to its words, when we reached in the wee hours of a beautiful mist fillled saturday morning on 9th July 2011, just it had brushed its teeth, and washed its face, and gave a beautiful hug with a cool breeze.

Yashdeep, Sunil, and myself were chasing the cool breeze, followed by new entrant to our gang Arvind.  The upward climb was very pleasant, no rest nor tiring.  The breathtaking scenic beauty just evaporated all our tiredness. In no time, we were there on the cliff, taking snaps with the mother nature.  

When we started from Kemmannu Gundi entrance, the team got split in two, the other team with Sandeep, Prashanth, Latesh visited Raj-Bhavan, and the rose garden, when we crosssed each other, they left to Z-point, and we left to Raj-Bhavan to explore, promising each other to meet for the break fast.

The Crazy drive to Hebbe Falls
The automobile giants would have committed suicide by looking at the vehicle condition, but still had enough power to zip on the treacherous path leading to Hebbe.  I just thanked the owners of the estate, and as usual our government apathy towards making it a promising tourist spot, because this is the only falls i visited in my life which is neatly maintained by everyone.  No unnecessary trash.  
The falls just takes your breath away.  Beautiful, Spectacular, marvelous...oh no!!!! key board is crying, it doesn't have any letter to get arranged itself to praise the beauty of the falls.  
Frost free route :-)

After a brief breathtaking cold bath, we started journey towards Chikkamagalur. The way from Hebbe Falls to Kemmannu gundi just takes your eye lid out, it refuses to close even for a brief moment.   This is one of the most memorable trip for "Many" reasons.
Majestic Hebbe Falls!!!!!!!!

We stayed back in chikkamagalur in a lodge accommodating all the seven guys.  

New Town Canteen and the forest life in Muthodi
Our great poets said, you should see Jog falls in a life time, the same way people who visited Chikkamagalur says, if you dont eat Butter Masala Dosa in New Town Canteen, your life is a waste.  So we decided not to waste our life, we ventured in to it, and we had nice two rounds of Dosa, and came back in the noon for one more round.  
Sandeep said, he will leave eating Dosa atleast for a month to keep the taste in the taste bud as it is!!!!!! (Am sure he will reply to this, and says am fed up with dosa").  Such was the power of New Town Canteen.  A personnel who is serving from the last 21st years of service in this hotel for taste buds said the quality was unaltered even after 51 years from inception. 
Upway to Mullayanagiri

Due to rainy season, the safari in the muthodi forest was banned, but  the forest personnel Mr. Lokeshappa took us to a virtual safari in a demo room.  His narration was very good, and pleasing.

He said, continue the journey from Muthodi to Mullayana Giri, you will get goose bumps.  

He was just right on.  The winding roads, the unfolded mountains with green carpet, you cant expect anything less nor more.  It was the right season to get engrossed with the nature.  
The team Prashanth, Arvind, Sunil, Sandeep, Yashdeep, Latesh, Srikanth & Tavera 

Mullayana Giri
The Sunil's driving skills was just amazing, when we are taking turn in every hairpin curve, we used to pray god, but he was effortlessly talking, and driving us to safety.  Amazing skills indeed. 

Mullayanagiri was just amazing, we were proud to be top of highest point in Karnataka.  The caves, the breeze, the mist, the fog was just excellent.  Whole mountain ranges were decked fresh from the "mist"erious bath.  

Belavadi Temple - Hoysala Architecture
Since the rain started, we abandoned the idea of Baba Budan Giri, instead we decided to head to Belavadi - A small hamlet near Chikkamagalur, famous for Udbava Ganesha Temple, and a temple in Hoysala style of architecture. 
Hoysala Architecture in Belavadi

All of us returned to Bangalore in the mid night of sunday with fat stomach after eating dinner in Kamath hotel, and with full memory in the Camera and the eyes with satisfaction.
With the priest!

The lights at the top (High-Lights)
1. Z point is just marvelous, would want to visit again
2. The drive to Hebbe, and the neat falls just marvelous
3. The winding curvey Mullyanagiri
4. My energy recharging point Belavadi Ganesha Temple, and the 
    Hoysala temple
5. More snaps in the following link