Monday, February 6, 2012

Kumara Parvatha - Dil Chaahta Hai - 04-Feb-12 to 05-Feb-12

KP=Kumara Parvatha
SP = Shesha Parvatha

KP: Hey SP I heard Sri is visitng us this weekend! am excited for his arrival

SP: Ya last time, he visited me, and since you were shivering with cold, and covered yourself with thick white blanket, he couldn't see you properly. 

KP: Ya i know, but this time he is coming with his trusted lieutent Sandeep, and Swamiji.  And all the three are coming with an dedicated intention.

SP: oh is it. 

Sandeep is searching for his elusive "Shanthi" in his fourth attempt 
Swamiji missed so many golden opportunities which sri had provided last year, so he is determined to make it up this time
and sri is coming with his own emotional mission, which is going to be narrated in his own style, and now over to Sri!!!!

Sri : Thank you KP, and SP for the beautiful Intro. Here I go

This time four of us decided to embrace warm winds on Kumara Parvatha, but final moment Somu - The play-boy, due to professional commitment noded his head down.  Three "S", Sandeep, Swamiji, and Sri were there at the foot of the hill with out any back bone breaking experience.  Thanks to nicely laid out Shiradi Ghat Road, and for the beautiful bus...KARNATAKA VAIBHAV.
Super bus - Vaibhav by KSRTC
Driver yelled at us "last stop...kukke".......then only we wokeup from our deep slumber,such a smooth journey it was!  After a quick refreshment, we walked slowly but surely inching towards Kumara Parvatha Peak.  This time we planned out nicely.  Instead of keeping the final goal as the target, we had broken the final target in to multiple pieces with time frame keeping in mind the body, and bonding conditon of all of us.
The first phase to forest check post we reached as per the plan, took a nice piece of rest, after a small nap we started again. (We deliberately avoided Bhattara mane..that proved very great piece of master stroke for our trek this time).

Reached comfortably Stone Pillared Mantapa.  Had little breakfast, filled stomach with cold breezed water in the stream.  We were on the path again. 

Up the stone mantap valley, Swamiji started feeling dizzy, and he said he can't make it, and he would like to reach back Bhattara mane.  But myself, and Sandeep, peppered with good talks, and energy filled conversation, and made him as our leader to lead the path till valley near the Sheshaparvatha.  We promised him that by looking at the valley, he will not regret his decision to trek that path all along.
The valley near the Sheshaparvatha base
When we reached valley near the sheshaparvatha, he was totally became energetic, and said, you people made no mistake by bringing me this far.  He was totally charged up from then on.

After a small photo session, and little break for filling the stomach, we started the treaded path to summit the Sheshaparvatha. 
Here again, Swamiji lifted his hands, and said not at all possible to put even a step further.  We persuaded him for nearly 15-20 minutes, and he oblized again (probably cursing both of us).  From here on our pace was slowed down, at this point we had made up our mind that, we will leave swamiji in the tent just after the Sheshaparvatha forest, and we continue to hit the peak.  But keeping in mind the spirit of the team, we curbed our instinct, and decided to give our limbs a rest.
Pitcing tent in the forst after Sheshaparvatha
We pitched the tent next to the Sheshaparvatha forest.  There was one big team who carried all the provision to prepare a delighful dinner,  had already set up the fire for the evening.  We joined them, had a nice photosession. 
Wonderful group of people!!!
Sandeep, and myself rushed to the top of Sheshaparvatha for a sunset freeze.  What a fine show it was, even though we were slighly dissapointed with spoilsport attitude by the clouds, and mist, neverthless it was a good frame to be freezed.

Sunset near the Sheshaparvatha!!!

We returned back to tent, had a generous evening chats, and slept at 19.30 in the tent, and we promised KP that will be touching its feet by early next morning.

First at doing its workmanship!!!
Woke up at 5.30, and we started packing our stuff, and just winked our eyes at our swamiji, he too winked back, and said he is ready to summit the KP.  We couldn't believe, but we convinced ourself that, for his age, Sheshaparvatha itself was a big achivement. 

All of us packed our stuff, and headed towards KP.  After the forest trial was over, we met few people who were coming down, and they told us that, it will take maximum 15-20 minutes to reach the top.  Swamiji was jubiliant at his best, and he decided to reach the peak at any cost.
Tridev - Swamiji, Sri, Sandeep in order from left!
We kept on inspiring him, and finally when we landed at the KP's feet with tears in our eyes, a small cool breeze just wiped our tears, and said "guys you made it".
Sandeep found the "Shanthi"
yes you are right, Strong intention will lead to strong determination!!!

Am happy reaching this far!
1. Good Shiradi Ghat winding Roads
2. Good decision of Sandeep for selecting KSRTC - Karnataka 
    Vaibhav..better than Raja Hamsa
3. Swamiji's trying nature...even though he was tired to the
4. Sandeep found the elusive "shanthi" in his fourth mission
5. Sri - A Tribute to his father, where he could able to connect to
    him in the minutes of silence at the top.

KP: Hey SP, howz the mission

SP: (Wiping its tears rolling down the cheek) Hey KP, people will come and go, but this seems to be an emotional journey for all the three trekkers.  Am proud to get stamped from these three human beings.

KP: You were lucky, at least you met them twice, for me this is the first time

SP: Don't worry, Sri had promised me that, he will get his buddies, Latesh, Yashdeep, Prashanth, Somu, and Kishore here, so we can expect one more fabulous trekking experience in this year.

KP-SP: Hey guys reach back safely, Lord subramanya had blessed you by keeping three seats in Rajahamsa at 21.45.  Just convey our wishes to your "Alemarigalu group"..Take care..Sigona matte