Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bike on to Gopalaswamy Betta+Nanjanagoodu+Chamundi Betta+Nimishamba – 10th & 11th Oct 2009.

A casual talk in the cab proved to be a turning point for the biking trip.  The photos in Gopalswamy Betta travelogues in the net ignited the passions of all six of us to ride on a bike even though the distance proved to be a lengthy one, our enthusiasm provided the required energy level to go on for this trip. 
Vinay, Sandeep, Ravi, Tribhuvan, Chethan and myself formed the bike gang.

As per our plan, we assembled near the Shell petrol bunk opposite to BHEL in the mysore road at 6.30 Hrs in the morning. 
It was chilled, misty cold morning, cold winds swept us on our bike.  The kengeri falls which is dreaded for its smell, proved to be mesmerising view point.  Please look at the snap below.

On our way, took enough breaks to give necessary rest to our body and gadi.  We decided to take a breakfast in Kamat restaurant on the way to Nanjanagoodu.  The breakfast served was really a mouth watering.  The Tender coconuts on the way were really provided a soothing effect on our energy sapping ride.
The stretch till Gundlupet was really a good one, then treacherous stretch started, the next 10-15 Kms took our energy nicely, till we hit the village Angala. Then we took the deviation as per the sign board by KSTDC.
After that turn the route was like a heaven, the nature was at its best, the view till the top of the hillock was awesome.  On the way we had n number of photo sessions.  The ride up the ghats were really amazing, at more than one points, our two wheeler refused to obey our orders, nevertheless it carried us without giving much trouble.

The archaka in the temple clearly explained the significance of the temple and also the name HIMAVAD GOPALSWAMY.  We started trekking behind the temple, we crossed one mound, and took a lunch break.
Started going down to the second mound, and reached the zenith, by the time it was already 17.00 hrs, we decided not to ride in the dark to Bangalore, instead stay back either in Nanjanagoodu or Mysore.  While on the way to Nanjanagoodu a small shower welcomed us with a Rainbow with faint colours.  We reached the Srikanteshwara temple around 20.00 hrs, after the Darshan, enquired about the rooms, but was not available, so headed towards Mysore. 

We found out a room with reasonable comfort, and price. 
We decided to visit Chamundi betta  the next day then to Bangalore.  Since it was a Sunday, the crowd was like a ocean, we stood in the common que, it took us almost 3 hours to have a glimpse of the goddess.   Then came to down to visit the Nandi, there sugar cane juice wala offered a wonderful service, we drank as much as we could, then started towards Nimishamba temple.

Myself, Sandeep, Ravi and Chethan left Vinay and Tribhuvan back, as they skipped us to visit Mysore palace.  By the time the duo rejoined us, we were in the middle of the muddle in the river.  We spent a good time in the river, and then took the darshan of the goddess .

It was around 16.30 when we started our journey back to Bangalore.  Took snacks near Mandya, then zoomed past  to Bangalore. 
This trip was like a hitting bulls eye at our first go.
Even though the trip extended to the next day, no one complained either, but enjoyed to the maximum.

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