Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wheels on to Makedatu

A trip to Trimurthy Temple+Sangama+Makedatu
This is our third successive trip on bikes, but we missed enigmatic Tribhuvan, and it was aptly replaced by the smart looking Gulshan.
At 6.45AM, my-self, Ravi started from the Gopalan Mall on Mysore road to reach our first destination, the Banashankari Temple, where our second pair, Sandeep and Vinay would be joining us.
After a brief photo session, we started on Kanakapura Road to reach our second destination, the junction of Nice Road, where our third pair Chethan and Gulshan would be joining us.

The bike gang in the snap from the left are Vinay, Sandeep, Chethan, Gulshan, Ravi, and Srikanth

With a brief get together with sugary chocolates by vinay, we started hit our third destination, The Trimurthy temple to take blessings from the god, which is our regular rituals.
The Tri-Murthy temple was a nice place to start with, as there is plenty of lung space with lush green around. The Three of the stalwarts of our gods , The Lord Ganesh, the Obstacle remover, The Lord Anjaneya, The mighty power, and The Lord Krishna, The greatest crisis manager the world ever seen, standing tall on a top of the temples. It is combination of temples dedicated to the lord Ganesha, Shiva, Rama & Seetha, Anjaneya, Krishna, and a mantapa to host the Naradha – The trouble shooter

After a brief photo session, we treaded the familiar path to the one of the final destination, the Sangama.

We reached Sangama by 11.00 AM. We were welcomed by the safety alert hoarding.

The water flow was very less, we crossed to river to reach the path leading to our final destination the makedatu

On the other side of the river, we found an automobile wonder with four wheels, a cabinet with a steering wheel, and a horn which was competing with the noise from all the parts.

We decided to take the path by walk of about four Kms, even though it was hot in the scorching sun. We enjoyed the walk, and finally hit the destination.
We energized ourselves with butter milk priced @ 5 bucks per small plastic cup. We drank as much as we could, then we headed downwards to see the makedatu spot.

The ravine path the water treaded was an amazing one. The shapes of the stones will be left to the imagination of the viewers.

, Since we were energy depleted lot, after a strenuous walk, decided to board the automobile wonder, but it was a costly fare for a one side journey of Rs.30/- per head, otherwise it is Rs.40/- for an up & down journey to the spot.

Since there will not be much water in Chunchi falls during this time, we didn’t try that option.

We had lunch near the Sangama and headed back towards Bengaloru, and reached by 19.30 Hrs.

It was a wonderful trip alas scorching heat prevailed under the merciless marauder of the Mother Nature , The Man.
The final bullets :-
· The ride from Bangalore to Makedatu via Kanakapura is about 95Kms, and except for the last 4Kms stretch the road is in good

· Summer is not the best season to visit the spot, reason is heat, and the sangama will be at its dirtiest best, you cannot take a

bath nor play in the water.
· The makedatu rock ravines are like a hot pan.
· Food and water will be rocket high price, so your back pack should have water and enough food packets
· Our expenses per head including transport was Rs.217/-