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Bombay - Salam Bombay - 1999 Tour Diary

This blog is dedicated to my sweet Akka....Prathibhakka on her birthday!!!

Shashi wrote a beautiful letter on 26.07.97 from Bombay describing his sweet heart as "Fair, Tall, & Rich, and Degree in First class.

Loki reserved train tickets to and fro Bangalore-Bombay in the beautiful summer of March 1999. Loki, Venki, and myself were excited to meet our pal in mumbai happily living with his sweet heart  after his marriage on 30th Nov 1998.

On a Friday night co passenger screamed "aap ka station aa gaya...aap uthar jaayiye..."...we got brought us to , Godrej residential colony in LBS maarg.

Prathibhakka welcomed us with a charming smile.  After refreshing, and coffee, and snacks..four of us went to near by travel office to book a "Mumbai Darshan - Ek Din" for sunday.

"ishq huva...kaise huva..achha huva" the song melodiously playing in the deck.

This is the song perfect for the beautiful, adorable, admirable  couple in our friendship circle!!!

Shashi said "guys will be going to the ESSEL World morrow, we have to be ready early morning"...

Morning we were on the run to the Essel world.  Four of us exchanged our memories right from the high school days, were laughing like mad guys...Prathibhakka was observing all of us.  The words told by shashi about his wife was running in my mind but in reverse order...First class,  Rich,Tall, Fair...I was not in any of those worlds. 

But as the day progressed, i started believing She was the lovely sister anyone can have in this world.  Relations may not be by blood..but by feelings also.  I salute the god for giving such a kind hearted, affectionate sister who cares for my growth, well being in this world.  She will be one of many who is  happy with my progress ((????)) in  the life all these years.

We had a very nice time in Essel world, almost we went and played every game.  It was a fun all the way.

By the time we reached in the evening, our body was fully tired, but i was feeling proud to get a great sister in my life!!!!

Next day morning, we were on time for the sight seeing.  The guide in broken english, and perfect Marathi, Hindi started explaining each and every bit of Bombay.  

"Aap aadha gaav bechkar..Bombay me 20 x 30 site kareed saktha hai"
"Left aur Right mein dekhiye leelavathi hospital"
"ye hai Boot Gouse"
"aap aada ghante ge baad idar aajaaiye..  bus udar khada rahega"

Sight seeing bus took us to so many places, Mahalakshi Temple, Gateway of India, Marine Drive (Queen ka Haar), Iskon Temple, Jawaharalal Planetorium, Juhu Beach, Noriman Point, Film City (From the bus itself),  few places where the epic serial Mahabhaaratha was picturised, Big B's House Prateeksha, Lata Didi's house under the flyover, few film star's house and so on..

In the bus from morning to evening there was only one movie song playing with high decibel "Bade Miya Chota Miya"...when we got down, we were memorising those songs all the way..hahahah

We came back to the house, our master chef of "egg fried rice" venki was on the job, he dished out delicious spicey fried rice. Shashi advice "Makkala chennaagi tinni..close to 24 Hours praayana maadbeku"..his words came true hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

We got in to an Auto Riksha, where there were almost 10 guys including us in it.  We were just guessing who would be handling the handle bar, but till today we didnt know, coz there were four people sitting (????)  in the driver seat..................:-)

We dumped our luggage, and got in to our seats.  Night just passed, as we were bloody tired.  Woke up next day at around 8.00 AM, somehow passing our time.  

"Where are you going?" an elderly woman asked us.  

"Bangalore, we came here to meet our friend in Bombay, we are going back"

"I came to my son's house, and am a Doctor, returning back to Bangalore with a maid" she told her story.

Clock ticked slowly, it was around 2.30 in the afternoon, she opened her lunch box, and she invited us.

Forgot to tell you, we had spent each and every rupee in our wallet during those two days thinking that the other guy will have some amount to get the food in the train...only when stomach started screaming, we realised that no one had money in their packet except few coins to manage to get back to home from Majestic Railway Station...:-( 

Initially we refused to share her lunch box, but our hungry defeated our ego, and I voluntarily accepted her lunch invite.  what a delicious curd rice it was...just awesome (It is not that empty stomach doesn't know the taste).  By seeing am enjoying the lunch box, venki decided to jump in to the box.  both had nicely..but loki for some strange reason was quiet for the last 24 hours. We thanked that old lady, and asked her what is her name.


We saluted that god..there can't be any better name than that...Annapoorna the goddess of serving the food for the needy.

Till today I remember her at the time of my lunch break.  My prayer to god, let her live happily forever.

The station Guaribidanur came the platform there were hot idlis being served, Myself, and Venki couldn't resist, we emptied our purse, and took 2 idlis with spicey chutney.  What a fine Idli!!!!

We reached Majestic, collected 10 Rupees from Loki, and safely reached Home!!!!

I got it printed the photos and shown to the friends, and thats it, till today, the photos are not with me anymore. With great difficulty requested Shashi to scan the few photos, and the result it is appearing in this blog after a marathon 14 years!!!!

  • Akka you are so affectionate
  • Akka you are so talkative & down to earth
  • Akka you are the one we can talk to anytime
  • Akka you are the perfect pair for our friend Shashi, who is so admirable, affectionate friend we have
  • Akka..every success am achieved/Achieving/Will be achieving will be dedicated to my parents, my family members, my beautiful friends (Great BODS), and to you!!!
  • Akka you are so simple...

The shashi words about you in the letter changed my thoughts after the trip:                      
  • Fair : In thoughts no bias
  • Tall : In your affection
  • Rich : In friendliness, admirable
  • First Class: Sister every brother like to have!!!

This blog is a gift on your ( birthday!!!

We all tell you one thing in big voice


Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Thriller - Dudhsaagar on tracks - Part III (Climax)

Trailer is here

Now the time for climax!!!!

A gentle look & the water fall said 

" people are brave enough to trek all the way..but unfortunately my hubby forgot to switch on the water is in the sump only..not lifted up...!!!"

"Please go down..and have a rocking time"

We couldn't ignore the we started trekking down to the falls.

We used to these kind of winding, sliding path aka in Kumara with out any tears nor sweats in our eyes easily we reached the bottom of the falls, and also pitched in the tent. 

"Oye bai log..kya kar rahe ho...inspection ke liye saab aanewaala hai..aap yaha nahi teher sakthe...jagaa khaali karo..faast"..a forest guard came running by seeing our pitched in tent, and our baggages.

So didn't had any that time Somu and latesh Said "Oye Sri...the falls is telling something to us"
When we carefully heard "...sorry folks..come up there is a shelter above..reserved it for you people"

With out any second thought..we trekked back..and pitched our tent in an elevated platform.

ICS Chief Chef Soma got in to his business, with supporting cast in the form of Latesh. The rest of the gang stocked the required fire wood to keep the fire burning. Every one had a nice dinner stomachful.  

 All jokes, PJ, OJ everything flowed in, around ten in the night, decided to get in to the grove of sleep.  What a night it was..Pitch dark, Pin drop silence..suddenly series of bogies tearing the silence in to pieces one after the other. Some of them managed to get "Sound" & some "Sleep"

"Oye what to do" 
"what's the plan"
"where will go"
questions were on toss at everyone..but back of everyone's mind..wanted to spend the day near the falls only. So weighing down all options, and also to get back to Londa in time..with out tossing the coin as "Jai & Veeru" do in Sholay...we stuck to the idea of staying back till noon to catch "maal gadi" at 13.00 Hrs to Castle rock.

Again Somu got in to the business of preparing delightful hot and sour soup.  Wow...what a taste..simply got re-energised..My headache which haunted to all the night...just started running backwords on the railway tracks..

Too many photo sessions followed..almost at the time of getting aligned to take a group snap...Prashanth screamed "arey bai logs..apna apna saaman utaloo..aur chal pado..train aaraha hai"

We pleaded, folded our hands, legs asking the driver to drop us to Castle Rock, first he didn't....but later we all told him 

"India got independence"..
he asked "who gave us the freedom ?"
"Mahathma Gandhi"
"Ok...chalo I want to see him...can you show me"

We got in to the train..chit chatting followed..Our Soma collected most information like how the engine runs, what is mileage, speed, how many engines required on the upper gradient of the ghats and so on...happily the engine crew explained everything..what a nice people indeed.

In the castle rock station..Station master replied "You can get in the goods train, ask the guard he will stop at londa station"

Guard said "I can take you all the people..but I can't guarantee that train stops at Londa"
Naveen "Koi baat nahi bhaai saab, aap train ko rokh saktha hai...kuch keejiyenaa"
His charming kid's smile not related to his physique did wonders..Somu, Prashanth, Latesh, Anil managed to convince the finally guard with a smile on his lip "aajaaw..kuch karenge"

The journey back to Londa was a fabulous one..Whatever i had the illusion about the train journey just faded just like the great shot taken by sandeep on the moving train.

Close to an hour on the train on the last dabba to Londa was just completed and complimented our thrilling moments on the tracks...and it is just an amazing end to our thriller on the tracks to Dudhsaagar.

The guard was a super human being we found from the land of bihaar.  He said "I love mahatma gaandhi..but i like to see him only in the photo on the wall..but not in my wallet...Aapki duwa mere liye bahut hai!!!"

All of us were lazy enough..and decided to spend the remaining three-four hours happily sitting on the Londa Railway station sipping masaala butter milk, Peda, Vada-Paav with mirchi..

"Ok..guys..will meet  you soon for the photo sharing"

We hugged each other..and with the great moments carrying in our heart, and in the "Memory Card" treaded back to our homes and then to our office.

Highlights :
1. Train journey just removed all the cobwebs from my heart (Probably the team travelling in makes the 
    difference..Hats of "Alemarigalu Group)
2. Mein to Lion hoo..magar ghar jaate hei Durga maata chad jaati hai (Latesh)
3. TC : show the tickets...Naveen" No tickets TC: Then "FINE"..Naveen: "ok fine"
4. Kishore...after looking at Prashanth's Specs "It looks a candy bar..and would like..!@#!@#!@#"
5. Kishore..The colour Blue is an integral part in my life "My pen, My dress, My Bag, My 
    @#$#@#..everything is blue...suddenly Sri" says even the ......also was ....."
6. Out of Nine Knights.."Ashish" was the most energetic..and a salute to his energy level..he made his 
    papa proud.
7. Kishore thoughts about Anil, and his story of Calf, and its caressing, and its end result.
8. Somu's delighful cooking services.
9. Latesh raw power to chisel the woods in to pieces to help the cook to keep the fire on
10. Anil's initial thought..just vapourised as we chugged along. 
11. Naveen & Latesh's conversation...reminded me Tom & Jerry pranks
12. Sandeep ultra silence all the way..but his camera spoke on his behalf all the way
13. Prashanth's naya avataar..his fourth on the trot am seeing him change his outlook in every of our outing

Oye it a hair raising feeling...If "yes" visit again..

If if "no"..then take Aspirin..


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Thriller - Dudhsaagar on tracks - Part II

The  Trailer is here

Arey hoo...switch off the is going to start again!!!!

People started to getting in to their seats after a round of fag, and Coffee/Tea!!!

"Common guys lets start the trek"..a board welcomed the trekkers. A perfect setting for the trekking with overcast clouds protecting us from the sun!!. 
The ghat's side a big mountain..other side a deep valley..and winding roads as well..that was the scene always it came in-front of my eyes. But this ghat section provided something different view altogether...
A Great example of Team work!
Everyone with their backpacks...started off..they witnessed a great team work in the form of an big iron beam being transported on the track.  This was a tip off for us what the team work all about.

First train zoomed past us..every one exited to see the "anakonda" like structure keep coming in endlessly. Naveen and Anil almost sitting near to the fast wheels enjoying the dhadak dhadak sound (not dhak dhak madhuri dance!!).
Anil & Naveen wants to hear from close ears!!!!!
Hurray..the first tunnel arrived, every one was on their toes to get a glimpse of it, and also how long we had to  trek in the pitch darkness. Even though all of us had a torch in the hand, we were walking down with out switching on. The pitch darkness, and the light at the end of the tunnel was pumping the adrenalin to a all time  high, just getting stored to witness the hair raising moment of the trek.

The kid in the team..suddenly became grownup boy, and the grown up man suddenly become kids. The excitement of entering the tunnel, and exiting slowly transforming us.  

A fellow railway employee told " arey saab paani hei..aap tunnel paar kar leejiye..paani milega" hearing this every one pressed the gas pedal to see a small but beautiful water fall (even in summer, the water was enough to beat the kid in us).  I started to drench myself completely under the water.  Kishore, Ashish, Prashanth, Soma, Sandeep, Naveen barged in as well.  Latesh, Anil decided to watch the fun from the balcony.

With wet clothes..we started again..

"arey there is one more tunnel" 

Kishore, Aashish, Anil just passed out of the tunnel.  

Me, Prashanth, Soma were inside the tunnel, and  Sandeep, Naveen, Latesh were at the entrance.  

Suddenly Kishore, and Anil screamed..."Train is coming" was just the same screamer as the "Daaaku" from the blockbuster "Sholay"...

Prashanth ran towards the exit, suddenly realizing Camera in his hands, ran backwards to take the snap shot.  

I started picking the snaps, suddenly i realised am in the dangerous curve.  All the 3 crores plus god, goddesses, and their great grand children came in front of our eyes, camera effortlessly capturing the amazing moments.  

Just few meters behind Soma was also doing more or less same. Sandeep, Latesh, and Anil got a que from the train sound, just hopped out of the tunnel. 

So Three were outside of the exit,  three stuck inside, and three at the entrance. Situation was more pathetic for the three stuck inside the tunnel.

Marthon track-walk of engines and bogies started, this is the most scariest moment of my life, continuously  chanting mantra's to fill myself with more energy.  Prashanth clicking the photo one after the other.  Soma watching the bogies getting past him one after the other. The engine sound, the honking, the temperature all contributed nicely as if we are watching the horror movie from the front row.

When train finished its job of scaring the  three of us, we came out with the spiked hair. My one side got completed dried due to the high temperature of the engine...and kishore aptly put it "Sriku..your hair looked like spiked and as if you watched some horror movie!!!! (colour of the movie prashanth will tell)

I saluted all the gods in our hindu calendar for saving me, and moved on!!!

The turnaround station for the thriller trek!!!
Then came the nicest turn around for the trek.  We reached the station "CARANZOL".  The station guard welcomed and said " take the goods train from here to Dudsaagar, don't waste time trekking on the track.  You reach Dudsaagar falls, go down, pitch the tent, and happily spend the hours..."...his suggestion proved to be a master stroke.
The uneducated people sitting and posing!!!!

The great man's wise suggestion in the forest...Thanks a lot to him

The white uniform guy who identified us as uneducated's inspite of many certificates back home.
Being "educated" people we are, the moment goods train came an excitement, we started jumping in..suddenly the train guard  "oye what are you look educated..without asking anyone getting in to do the same thing when you are entering your manager's cabin".  He hardly knows too many managers work from home all the time (hahahahaha).  

All nine of us apologized, "sorry sir...galti se mistake hogayee"..

"Ok ok chad jao... "

we started waving our hands to the god man,whose suggestion was a wonderful tonic, it provided an opportunity to travel in a goods train as well.  

The railway guard continuously scolding all the way..we acted as if god never gave us two ears :-)

Here I found the connection to the Sholay movie. The classic Train robbery scene by Gabbar's henchmens.  All of us were Jai and Veeru's in our own way.....
My fav scene in the movie "Sholay"

The supporting staff screamed "Dudsaagar"..."Get down"

The nine stalwarts back to the track again....after about 10 minutes..saw a big sign board..."Dudsaagar"

Hurray the Dudsaagar falls came in...and the train as well!!!

Achanak..the lights were on ...there is a song playing in the background in the theatre...

Uppigintha ruchi bere illa.(there is no better taste than salt).........kaali hottege MTR saaku alva (for empty stomach MTR enough right)

eat..drink...will be back soon!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Thriller - Dudhsaagar on tracks

Banner : Alemarigalu Group Creations
Title  : A Thriller on the tracks of Dudhsaagar
Producers : Passklans
Directed by: Soul Mates of Alemarigalu

Title Credits

A royal salute to the Indian Railways, the herculean effort to meet the needs of common man end to end, it deserves nothing less than a salute from our group. This post is dedicated to the Indian Railways and all their super supporting staffs.

Sri! , have you seen Kishore's mail?...what to do? will organise the train tickets, you speak to him!!!

Don't worry buddy..i will talk to him, will resolve it!!!

...after speaking for a while with Kishore, and later with Latesh, Sri pings back Prashanth

Hi buddy, book the tickets for Naveen, and Ashish.  

Every one on their toes..and eagerly waiting for the clock to tick 9.15 PM.

By evening, one more "Little boy" was dropped on the group of alemarigalu. This time in the form of drop out message from Yashdeep.  

"Sri! am now worried, hahahaha...."

"Wait let yashdeep comes for the photo sharing..will both kick him on the @#@#@# nicely!!!"

So finally a mail will go to the group saying Ravan has lost his tenth now instead of 10 Commanders..Nine vagabonds are on the tracks of Dudsaagar.

By the time engine driver pressed the start button in Yeshwantpura railway station, all the nine aligned themselves hugging one another, and getting prepared mentally for the next 48 hours of action piece.


5.45AM on Saturday 12th May 2012....Rani Chennamma came to a screeching halt at  Hubli Junction!

One by one..with the backpacks get in to the near by restaurant to feed their stomach..after reserving their tickets to Castle Rock in Chennai-Vasco Train.

Now the sojourn starts...All of of them were eagerly watching outside to know, whether Castle Rock station arrived.  Yes it is.
Sign board welcoming the bonds!!! the Annabond's

The big big Castle Rock railway station!!!!
Nine bonds on the rock of castle platform!!!!

Tandurusti ka raksha kartha hai lifeboy...lifeboy he jaha..tandurusti ho vaha...LIFEBOY!!!!!

Will come back after a short break!!!!