Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mission Shesha Parvatha - 21st to 24th Jan 2011

The name of the peak should be Sa”Shesha” Parvatha (Sashesha in kannada means to be continued), so like our trek to this summit, it is calling me from both of its hands to come back again. 
The Base Camp - Kukke Subramanya Temple

What an amazing surprises Mother Nature keeps with her.  The high points of the trek to twin peaks Shesha Parvatha and Kumara Parvatha can be listed as per my knowledge :

  • It is assured in the beginning of the trek itself about the nature of the trek
  • There are several water points throughout the year. 

1.    In the forest cover after about 2kms initial trek, there is a water source, need to take right turn near a tree where perfect path lead to the water stream
2.   Bhattara Mane – About 7 Kms from the base camp.  You will get not only water, but also delicious food considering trekking the treacherous path, but at a very nominal amount. Breakfast will be till 12 in the noon, after that full meals. Normally after seeing the face of the trekkers only, Bhattara mane will prepare the food, sometimes you can call them, and inform them in advance as well
3.     Near Mantapa, after about 2Kms from the Bhattara mane, this stretch test your energy level, as you will be treading in the open grass land, and sun beating you hard on your body.
4.    The fourth being near the forest cover, when you almost reach the peak of KP.
Way to Kumara Parvatha - A Nice Sign Board

  • The path of the trek is neatly identified with innumerable path indicators, so getting lost in this trek is next to Ian Flemming’s Imagination (the creator of James Bond Character)
  • The Sunset and the sun rise on the peak is a beauty to cherish for the life time
  • Gushing winds enroute to the peak keeps you in energetic condition provided you carry sufficient food, and sufficient water to take care of your thirsty between the watery points.
  • You will find of plenty of trekking mates on the weekends.  So, no need to worry, about the number of people you are being associated with it.  Minimum 2 to maximum any number of people in the troupe will do.

Me, Yashdeep, Sandeep, and Latesh decided to venture in to this low budget trek.  But due to unforeseen circumstances, Yashdeep, and Latesh dropped themselves at the final moment.  With a firm decision in the mind, me and Sandeep decided to venture in to this enviable trek of my life.
Me and Sandeep

Initial stages of the trek, Sandeep was little apprehensive, but constant pep talk, along with nourishing food, and water breaks, helped him to scale the peak of Shesha Parvatha comfortably.
Looking down the path of ascent! 

The Bhattara Mane meals, filled the required energy level in both of us, after a treacherous and tiring forest stretch of 5Kms. It took another two hours to reach the next target the Kallu Mantapa (Stone Pillared Mantap).  By this time, we both of were dead tired, so decided to halt near the Mantap, as some of the trekers had left enough fire wood to light the camp fire. 
Sunset from kallu Mantapa

We had a lovely sunset filled our camera, and our heart.  Then camp fire provided a nice dinner for both of us.  Along with Cucumber, Carrot in the stomach, we had a peaceful  sleep in the windy mantap. 
Sun and the Statued Pillar

The fire outside, and the cooking inside!!!!!

What a sight to see in the twilight, awesome.  Clouds coolly touching and passing us, it was a memorable gesture of sun to say good morning to us.
On the way to Shesha Parvatha - The valley of Beauty

When good light makes the path lighter.

Trekers became friends for life - Johny the adventurist, and the Smiling Beauty - Ravi

The ascent to Shesha Parvatha was mesmirising, as the unwinding path took us to the peak, the valley was a stunner on its own.  The sun light filling the valley slowly but surely was an unforgettable scene to behold in our re-winding memory for a life time.

The descent to the base was not as difficult as the ascent, but it provided its own theory.  The photo session which eluded Sandeep in the ascent, picked up nicely.  He started macro, and micro shots spectacularly.

We reached base around five in the evening, had a quick bath in one of the Temple Hostel, had a wonderful darshan of the lord Subramanya, when we boarded the Rajahamsa at 22.30, the goddess of sleep welcomed us with her hands, and we were engulfed in the journey of sleep till 6.30AM the next day.

A wonderful trek, it filled me enough confidence that, I too can venture in to highs, with a necessary preparation physically and mentally.

Decided to come back during October-November, where peaking the KP in lush green, with a high end DSLR to freeze the freezing moment of life.    

Total cost :Rs. 852/- per head due to Rajahamsa seats to and fro, otherwise it would be around Rs.500/- trek.