Sunday, May 22, 2011

Biking to Bheemeswari + Camping + Cooking Beside Cauvery Waters - 21-05-2011

Sri's TVS Victor was standing alone near Muttatti Hanuman Temple for the whole night.

When it saw Sri in the morning, it was screaming with joy. Sri came in and just patted on the Victor, a tears or two started trickling down.

TVS Victor sincerely apologised Sri, for not supporting him till Bheemshwari due to flat tyre, but Sri was more generous in telling that it was his mistake of over using him (bike) without proper nourishment time to time.

Then Sri narrated the whole story from Mutatti on Saturday evening 6PM to next day 8AM.

We four of us, Sandeep, Rohit, and Ravi Kanth, new entrant to our club, joined us near Metro on Kanakapura Road. 

It was lul evening, as only four made it, than the promised 10 plus, but nevertheless Rohit inspired us, and we reached Mutatti by 18.00 Hrs on Saturday 21st May 2011.

Since my dependable bike conveyed  apologies, I hopped in to Rohit's "Sporting Red" Pulsar. We zoomed in to Bheemeshwari , after finding a suitable place, we decided to lit the camp fire, and collected sufficient fire wood to keep ourselves away from the wild life for the night.  

Rohit "The Bajji Cheff" started his mastery, rest of the gang joined him, in giving the helping hand, and also empty stomach,  to prepare the awesome bajji's for the night.  

After five rounds of Bajji's we had dinner (MTR read to eat).  We had put more wood in to fire, and with a promise from Rohit that, he will make sure the fire will burning through out the night. 

With peace in the heart, fear in the brain of any threat from the wild life, we three slept, and Rohit was checking the fire quite frequently, and at one time around midnight, started screaming  "fire is really beautiful, come let us take snaps", so all of us woke up again, witnessed fire and flames forming an awesome exhibition of art.

By around 1 o'clock in the early sunday morning, all of us slept, only to woke up for a scary scream from Sandeep alerting us due to the rain in the morning.  

There was a light drizzle, but soon it gave away.  The photo session was a nice. After satisfying ourselves with session, headed towards Mutatti.  On the way Deers, Wolfs, Jackle, Monkeys saw us visiting them on our ride. 

From Mutatti, I collected my bike, with a flat tyre till Sathanoor, a good 18Kms ride.  The flat tyre had been shown to the compounder, and with happy tears, The Victor saluted Me, and we both started again, reached bengaluru by 13.00 Hrs.
Me, Ravi, Rohit, Sandeep in order

More snaps in the following link

The Highlights
1. Never say die attitude of my Victor, and the way it smiled at me
    when we reached our home.
2. The bajji specialist Rohit
3. The Art of fire & flame
4. Low cost trip, per head it was 200/-
5. Swiftly flowing Cauvery made us comfortable in the river bed
6. The Ride was an excellent experience to cherish for longtime.