Sunday, December 4, 2011

Second Day of Action -02-Dec-2011 - Pegasus Institute for Excellence

Day of Entry can be found here..Day of entry
First day action available here...First day furry

To explain the experience gained over the previous days letters failed to come together...the alphabets says it can't be expressed in few words.  

The concluding day had just opened up its wings to take us on a path of resurrection.

After a customary breakfast, Murthy from Pegasus informed us that, this time, the venue will be something different.   When all of us camped out was in the lap of mother nature.  Green fields, chirping birds, cool breeze, and also sun beating hard all these made us to feel on a high pedestal.

Building the bridges

The three islands to be crossed using the two uneven Bally's (A bamboo sort of big stick), tiny ropes, and two bricks.
  • The first island is a stationery one, shows, to start any project, we should have firm belief, and firm base to launch it.
  • The second island is a floating one, reflects, opportunities will floating up and down, need to grab at the right moment to have perfect turn to the life.
  • The ropes indicates, need a binding force to wade through the challenges coming in our way.
  • The Bally is any thing but an uneven support available, always we can not expect same frequency members available for any projects, we need to bind it with a tiny ropes of confidence, and trust

The conditions for this activities were
  • The ropes, the bally should never touch the ground meaning, we should never lose hope on the resource available. If it touched the ground, it should go back to the starting point indicates, whenever there is a failure, go back, and restart with high hopes after plugging the gaps.
  • The floating island will be going up and down, but once a man sets his foot on it, every two minutes the island starts sinking, symbolises an opportunity in the hand,  if it is not used properly, and take it forward, opportunity will sink and also we will go with it.
Number game - Effective way of reaching the target
The numbers would be spread across on the floor in a random, the team with in a stipulated time, should stamp all the numbers in sequence. 
  • The numbers are the process of any project.
  • Stamping the numbers in order is nothing but completion of one process after the other
  • Aim for completing the target is putting all the resource in best way.
  • When the individuals sets the target for themselves, always there could be enough reason to prevent us  from reaching the goal, but a target set for the team, all of the members pitch in to complete the target with effective communication.
The points that need to adhere for this activities were
  • No number should be stamped for more than one time, meaning the process should be in flow from one rework, no re-look
  • If more than one individual stamping the different numbers at the same time, then it is a violation meaning if one person is on one process, and if it is not completed, then there is no point in starting the next process.
  • Numbers should be stamped in numerical order, if any number skipped, then it is a violation which implies that, process should be performed in a cyclic manner, we can not jump or skip one process to move ahead in the process.
  • This effectively signifies, effective training to individuals in the team by effective communication. And also check the understanding of the process, and bridge the gaps.
Testing the pro-type of vehicle

"A " frame need to be tested on a path with customer on it using the ropes tied all-round.
  • "A" frame depicts we were bound by a boundary
  • Ropes tied on all the four corners signifies the certain stages in our life relevant information will get communicated from the right corners.
  • It should complete the required laps to test the vehicle, which reflects any reason or season unless tested, can not be proved its worthiness.
The ground rule for this activity was
  • The frame should not be touched by the members, nor dragged on the ground means boundary should not get altered by way of adjusting to suit our convenience
  • The customer should not touch the rope, external agencies should not influence our decisions.
The lesson to be learnt when all the four ropes tied to the frame were pulled at one end, and released at the other end demonstrates that, one information is flowing in, we should be a good listeners to understand it properly, which is a symbolic way of effective communication.


  1. Wow, Such a great experience, expressed flawlessly....... Lets Drive in Next year or in 2013

  2. yeh this both activities were mind blowing.......................enjoyed a lot both the activities.........