Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Rebooting session in Pegasus 1st-2nd Dec 2011

Clock was 16.00hrs on sultry Wednesday afternoon, and the team started taking their bags on, shutting down the system before activating out of office assistant in outlook.

One by one like a trained soldiers started walking towards the bus which was ready to ferry us from Goodrich to Pegasus.  
The team headed towards the Pegasus Institute for excellence near Doddaballapur,  a two hour drive from the bustling city life.
We arrived around late in the evening, and was greeted by the staff of the institute guiding us to our respective cottages. After dumping our bagges, and with a quick fresh up, we all assembled in the hall named as "Ravi".

Mr. Giri briefed all of us what to expect in the next two days, and also do's and dont's, and informed us that next day by 8.30 we should be assemble in the same hall after the breakfast.

Evening we spent couple of hours near the camp fire taking the dinner, chit chatting with the group filled the required energy levels for the next two days of adrenalin flow.
Next day morning started with hot coffee, and session in the field playing Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, followed with refreshing bath, and breakfast.  We assembled in the hall, There is a say, when the students are ready, there comes the teacher.  Mr. DR Singh welcomed all of us, and created a template to introduce ourselves   to the whole team.  It was a wonderful thing to do, as lots of refreshing thoughts and goals came out.
We were ready for the action. The first activity Potting the marbles using the cut pipes in to the bottle had literally kicked off very well.  The group was split in to three, and all performed really well.  Then we came back to dissect the activity for a learning session.  

This session proved that effective communication flows in an synchronized way can bring the desired results.  
The learning session was simply amazing,and felt like our soul came out and talking to us about what we should do to improve ourselves to accomplish the desired goal set by the individuals.
The second activity wading out from a acid prone area to the safe shores using the resources in the form of drums, wooden plank. This activity demonstrated when we are facing the challenges, take calculated risk, and  decision to move ahead, and also demonstrated that the resources may lose in the middle but not the courage.

This session followed with mouth watering lunch, and then we headed towards the hall to have a blind fold game.
This game suggested that the effective communication with the people who are distant apart can bridge the game, and will bring positive vibes in the team members.

Evening after a quick chats, and play around, we ventured in to a night trek where in Mr.Murthy,  the supporting staff of Pegasus took us for a two hours marathon walk.  It was a wonderful experience of walking in the dark, and also helping each and every team members to complete the trek.

After a wonderful dinner near the camp fire, and chit chatting we were ready for the next day of  action, and went to bed in the hope of extra-ordinary events the next day.
Next day after the breakfast, we followed Murthy, and he took us to a beautiful location surrounded by lush green on all the sides.  The first activity was building the bridges to cross the islands.  This game is more relying on effective usage of available resource to see the project is on.

Lunch followed by one more equally interesting activity completing the cycle of numbers in tandem.  This signifies effective flow of process one after the other in sequence can bring glory.

After introspection on the previous activity, the team headed towards the last activity for the day, testing the prototype vehicle. This was the most fabulous action which stresses more on to become a good listener, and also a good recipient and transmitter of information.

We had requested a group photo with our inspirational commander Mr. DR Singh, and for our delight Mr. Giri also pitched in.  So the result was a memorable photo to share for our life.

After packing our back pack, when our tired limbs got in to the bus, our inner soul patted our back saying thank  you for bringing me in, and am in fully recharged mode.

It is nice way to reboot our life in Pegasus an institute for excellence.


  1. Thax Shrikanth it was a wonderful experience as a team We have shown our skills and came to know each other very well, this was life time experience and taking forward all this experience we will keep same tempo and same cordination in team and work together to grow .......................thax a lot once again for this wonderful explanation of our experience in Pegasus

  2. Thanx for the update Srikanth.........
    From this Rebooting session the team has found a secret that..............
    To believe in oneself........Speak from the heart and say the words the soul has only dared to whisper....and if done so.....Miracles happen........

    Attack life.....Its gonna kill u any ways..........
    Smooth roads never make good drivers.....
    Smooth oceans never make good sailors.....n
    Clear skies never make good pilots.......
    Problem free life never makes a strong person..
    Be strong enough to accept the challenges of life.
    Don't ask Life,'Why me?'
    Instead say,'Try me...'

  3. Pritesh..very nice comment. We had started building our future here, we should take it forward, and reach our goal. Very nicely summarised Pritesh..Thank you very much.

  4. whole experience gained over the two days you had summarised in few lines..really awesome writing..This gives more energy to recharge our battery to reboot the life of existance..super comments Ayappa..
    thank you for visiting my blog, and great thanks for the wonderful experience shared together in the event. You are a person was looking for.

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