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First Day of Action -01-Dec-2011 - Pegasus Institute for Excellence

Day of Entry was a great start to the journey. 

We all woke up at around 5AM, and had a long walk in the campus.  It was not a typical December chilling weather, instead it was a warm day break.  After fueling ourselves with hot coffee/tea, ventured in to the field for a warm up session by playing Cricket, volleyball, Basketball.  Came back to the pavilion, finished the day core activities, had a wonderful breakfast, and got in to the temple of rebooting.
Inspirational commander - Mr. DR Singh
There is a say, when student is ready, here comes the teacher.  

Mr. D.R. Singh introductory note opened up the session.  All of us introduced ourselves one by one using a template designed by ourselves with inputs from Mr.DRS.  Each one of us had our own mission to complet, which was revealed by the individuals.

After the introduction, we were ready for the action. From here on am going to narrate what I learnt from the activity, instead of how the activity was performed which is a norm in my all previous blogs/postings.

Marble in the pipe line 
The pipe, The marble, and the lessons!!!!
The marble had to be carried in the cut pipes to pot in to the half cut bottle.  

  • The marble signifies the content.
  • The cut pipes indicates the mode of communication
  • The half cut bottle symbolises the recipient
The effective content by means of synchronised communication always reaches the recipient.  This was demonstrated by the team who one after the other holding the pipes to make sure the marble reaches the desired location.

The condition set by the moderator was marble should not role backwards, always it should move forward. This effectively conveys the message that, the communication should always move in a positive note, this will create a positive vibes on the recipient.

Drums, Wooden planks - To reach safe zone from the acid prone area.
Team on the project!!!
The acid prone area had to be crossed from the tentative safe zone to the safe zone by using available resources in the form of drums, and wooden planks.  

  • Tentative safe zone indicates the situation we are in, it is safe but doesn't lost long
  • Acid prone area shows the challenges, the risks we need to take on the way to accomplish the desired goal.
  • Drums, Wooden planks makes us to understand that the stiff challenges always comes with resources to win the challenges.
  • Safe zone shows the goal we all aspire to reach for.
  • More than one member in the team shows always we can seek support from the surrounding to accomplish the dream.

In this activity to reach the safe zone there were few riders, only the bottom surface of the drum was coated with the anti corrosion substance, if the other surface comes in to contact with the acid prone area it will get corroded meaning the resource will get lost.  This symbolically expresses that the resource available will be reliable provided it will be put in to use in the best possible way.  But if the resource is lost, never lose the courage nor hope.  With positive attitude, the challenges and the resources can be utilised properly to reach our mission post.

Blind folded communication
Blindfold game!!!
Part of the team members will be blind folded, and remaining members will be the observes.  The blind folded members will be given few objects of different shape, size, and colour.  They need to work out, and inform the number of objects, colour, and shapes lying the moderator. 

  • Blind fold is the situation where in we may not be in the best condition always to taken on the project.
  • Objects in different shapes, size, colour depicts the different tasks to perform
  • Finding the solution to arrive at the  number of objects left out demonstrates the effective communication to ensure that, the recipient who is not in our domain, understand the analysis.
  • The observes also should be on their toes, coz, life will not tell when will be their turn.

The conditions set here in was that, 
  • each member can seek clarification from the moderator, which explains that, when in doubt always seek the help from the external source, and also if the moderator believes that if it can be clarified with in the team, he will keep mum with out answering the queries, this explains the member always should seek help from the team, only if it is beyond the team's reach, then he can stretch his hands for the help. 
  • Neither they can give their objects to his team member, nor they should take it from the others.  This shows that we should never pass the buck to other, the projects which is entrusted to us, we should own it.

Night Trek - Pitch Dark
Mr. Murthy who is supporting staff for Pegasus took us for a night ride. It was highly advised that not to use the torch, unless it is really required, as the eyes can adjust to the conditions within a few minutes.  I learnt from this that, when the situation itself coming in our way to manage the task, we should not relay too much on the extra available resources .it will help for sure, but if it drains out, then will be handicapped. What a lesson to be learnt.
Ayyappa in lighting mode!!!! - My best shot so far!!!!

Team on a trekking mode
The night trek was a great fun, we had a beautiful outing on the hill.  Photo session followed, the leader for the trek Murthy really filled enough enthusiasm in all of us.

Concluding part in the next posting.

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