Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pegasus - A place for ironing out the wrinkled thoughts - Day of Entry

From past few years I had heard & read lots and lots of fabulous reviews on Pegasus Institute,  a best place to reboot our lives with lively thoughts.  An opportunity from my employer rekindled the thought of rebooting my self.
Flying inspiration!!!!!!!!!
A group of Seventeen members stamped the land for excellence at around 20.00 Hrs on a warm Wednesday evening (30th November 2011).

A wast open lush green land peppered with few places to protect us from gushing winds, and sultry sun, vegetation all around welcomed us.  Fresh Air to breath, cool breeze to step out, a wonderful hospitality provided to us was beyond our imagination.
Path for excellence....!
After a quick fresh up, and a sipping hot coffee/Tea, I stepped in to a fine laundry palace to wash and straighten the wrinkled thoughts.  Mr. Giri briefed about what Pegasus all about, and what to expect in the next two days.  It was a warm session with all the ears wide open.  Slowly but surely my soul was getting ready for the overhauling required to reboot the life.
Knew the path infront but not the
goal...The workshop
A super dinner blended with an energy filled fire camp, where my soul started coming together with rest of the souls of the group. 

Igniting the passion for excellence
A long chit chatting coupled with sprinkled photo session made me to feel the warm friendliness of soul mates all round.
Great souls in one frame

Blessing image in the fire
Went to bed around 23.30 to get prepared for the interesting two days of action and reaction.
Garrage for arresting our tired limbs!!!
To be continued for the second part of this sojourn to reignite the passionate thoughts!!!!

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  1. Nicely written the way you expeirenced it.... well I'm gonna expeirence it too....