Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mission Kumara Parvatha october 15th-16th - 2011

The condition were cloudy, clouds were hovering over the green carpets all around.  The sun took time off from his duty to relax behind the dark clouds.  Just before that, he switched on lights in his house using lightening, and rock music was playing in the form of thunders.  At this time, clouds decided to operate showers from their sweet home - The Sky. 

Lightening, Thundering, and Action...the Rain started, and started washing away all in its path.  We were waiting, and watching the beauty of rains from Bhattara Mane (Bhatta's House). It was already 17.00 Hrs, we were in confusion, whether to tread in the path of rain hit descent to reach Kukke Subramanya in the dark with torches on or stay back, and start the next day. 

Three guys wanted to go down, irrespective of the weather condition to full fill their professional commitments, and the other two thought problems would be calling if we start in that pitch dark condition, as all of us were dead tired.  The Bhat, who never say a negative thing, and always positive notes, said, you can start once rain stops, with torches on, you can reach down, but go slowly he advised.  Finally we decided, either we stay together or go together...and were against splitting the group in to two.  This decision accepted by everyone, so the feeling of "We" filled the courage, energy, enthusiasm to walk down close to 7Kms reach the temple town Subramanya.  

It was a memorable trek in the night, we helped each other, stood by the member, whenever wanted to rest his tired body.  

Somu, our new member to the group, lead us in the dark path, followed by Sandeep, Then Prashanth, and Kishore, and myself in the last backing all the guys. It was a journey of our life, now am more confident to trek back in the dimmed light condition.  "We" reached the temple town by 20.30, and refreshed by taking bath to avoid our passengers in the bus to get suffocated due to high odor which can keep the "AXE EFFECT" head down.  Safely reached Bangalore by 5.30 in the next morning. 

When all of us sent SMS to each other appreciating the fevicol bond happened in the previous two days, our mind and body just went back to the journey where we started.

This time again five of us ganged up in KSRTC bus stand to greet each other.  There was Prashanth, Somu Shekar, Sandeep, Kishore and myself hugging and wishing all the best to each other to start a trek of our life.
Sandeep, Kishore, Somu, Prashanth in order...and me behind the Camera :-)
We reached Kukke Subramanya around 5.00 in the early morning, refreshed ourselves in the temple refreshing complex, and a had nice a breakfast in our favorite Cafe Neo Mysore, then started.  With out any photo-shoot in the first five 5Kms in the dense forest, we hit the grass land by 11.00.  Since some of us were tired, we had breakfast and relaxed for some time, then slowly reached Bhattara mane after a marathon photo-shoot just before his house.

Here team decided to stay back and then start to the peak next morning, but after a heavy meal, again we pressed Ctrl+Z button, and changed the decision to start to the peak, but forest officer gave a valuable advise as the sky was getting filled with dark clouds, and no sign of viewing the peak, he asked us to stay back, and start early in the morning with no luggage except water bottles on.  This idea seemed to be a convincing to all of us, and decided to camp near the view point near the forest office.
Tent is getting ready!!!!!

What a place to pitch our memories and the tent!!!!!
The tent was pitched near the view point, and with camp fire on, had nice ready to eat sharing each and every bit of food by all.  When we found nothing else is there to eat, decided to head back to the tent.  Since it could accommodate only three with the baggage, Sandeep, and Kishore slept in the forest officer's house. Somu could not sleep properly as winds, and rain disturbed him too much, but Prashanth, and myself were sleeping as if we were the only souls available in this whole world. 
Nature Cap!!!!

The Leech, the mist, and dense forest in the last stretch of the  the trek!!!
Next day morning we started, and with rest in between, and photo shoot to capture the nature and our funny moments, we easily made up to the peak.  But with mist and clouds covered everywhere, it seems like a multiplex screen all around us.  There was no difference between whether we are on the top of the cloud or clouds were sheltering us.  Since the morning, and evening were fully cloudy, Sun just winked at us, and said am happy that you folks are visiting again and again to see Kumara Parvatha, and took a promise from me that next time i have to get Latesh, and Yashdeep to the summit.

And finally a Trek to Kumara parvatha made me to jump like this in the snap below :-)

Aaj me upar.....aasman neeche!!!!!!!
The lights at the top (Highlights)
1. Superb team spirit.
2. The mountains every where clad with green carpet
3. The tiny pink, white, blue flowers in the valley
4. More confident on the treks to keep the energy level high.


  1. great teams, happens because of a team leader / organizer..
    just like you......

    enjoyed the blog and photos

  2. clap clap clap .. !!! finally made it !!

  3. really missed this trek.......waiting for Jan schedule.....

  4. Greatest moments of my life which I shall always remember the coming down the mountain in the dense ever green rain forest in complete envelop of darkness of the night.Such a dangerous yet thrilling 3 hours descend in togetherness.WOW !!!

  5. Your best blog yet. wonderfully written. Relived all the moments here... again.

  6. Thank you Sandeep great team comes from great members...if members are there leader will be there...am happy that..am having nice friends who will inspire to reach new heights

  7. Hi Mari...you are the inspiration for reaching these heights...but yet final frontier need to capture..then your clap will make more noise..and deserves for me...wait for somemore time :-D

  8. Dont worry saint...there is always "NO" next opportunity...January 2012 will be the year you will reach new height..and will be on 5000 plus feet above the earth...will hoist flag of Republic India

  9. Hi Kishore..always adventure will exist when only we advance in our venture...so we did holding hand to hand..kudo's to your energy level...super

  10. Thank you Prashanth...ya..wanted to recharge my batteries..which happened..great heights..great thoughts both are parallel..we reached the great heights and so the words flow just like clouds on the mountain..

  11. Wow great bonded treking:-) Superbbbbbbbbb...
    Enjoyed the nature fullest.... Always be happy & enjoy madi:-)

  12. Thank you Putty...yes..nature is the best healer of all...spending few hours in the nature's lap will ignite our passion to reach great heights..

    Nice comment..many thanks putty

  13. Inspirational read... i would love to accomplish the summit one day...