Sunday, October 9, 2011

After effect of Dasara - A trip to Mysore Palace - 8th October 11

Dasara was, is, and will be world famous all the time...

If you start writing it up, you will lose words, and time to explain the magnificent history attached to it.

Our Sarathi "Sunil" wedding invitation just pulled our heart strings to make a visit to the historical palace city - The Mysore.

I was in a dilemma whether to sit on the wheels of Victor, Ritz or Suvarna Saarige (KSTRC Bus), finally Sandeep and myself decided for the third option, and were on the bus by 9.00 AM

It was a smooth drive, the bus dropped us at the Mysore Bus Stand by 12.30. Straight away we headed towards our destination the Majestic Mysore Palace.

The entry ticket Rs.20/- per head was never a costly affair keeping in the mind the extra ordinary architectural wonders it holds in its belly.  As happens in any government or archerological sites, Photography was a restricted and prohibited activity, hence we safely deposited in the cloak room, which was surprisingly a free service.  

With heavy heart..and light mind, we stepped in to the palace.  Next 1 - 1.5 Hours rarely we could speak, as one after the other floor, wall, pillar, light lamps, canvas paintings made us to visit, and captured all the freezing moments in our heart, and we scolded ourselves on the rule of photography prohibition.  But strangely, and surprisingly there were enough people with hot and hot Digi Gadgets in their hand keeping the freezing memories from the palace.  But we wanted to stick to the law of the land and were happy to capture the captivating moments in our heart.

When we entered to the Darbaar haal...we could feel the goose the famous kannada movie "Mayura" was picturised. The great Rajkumar spitting the fire-cracking dialouges a worth to remember.

Since the groom has not at reached the mantapa, we again came to see the illuminated palace standing, and calling each and every one.  This time, there is no entry fee, so people were thronged to see the gigantic palace decked with flashes all over her body. The lighting during Dasara will be from 19.00 to 19.30 in the evenings, otherwise it is weekly four days, a light and sound show every alternate days on Monday, Wednesday and Friday will end on illuminated palace.  

We entered wedding mantapa, had a chat with the groom, and quitely vacated the place to reach back home in the mid night at 1.00 Hrs.

The high-rise lights.
1. Pakka planned trip
2. Very very economical hardly we spent 397.00 per head.
3. Illuminated palace a worth of gold to watch in the pitch dark 
4. Interesting to see the People who are enthusiastic about our culture, heritage, and never mind to come in the long long que.


  1. First Blog with your Fine & Fresh photography...... This blog was Nice Capture of Marvelous Mysore..

    Welcome to the world of DSLR.

  2. Hope you guys had fun... I bet you did.

  3. Thank you Sandeep for your guidance & comments...
    Thank you Prashanth...yes we had fun...but one more would be a cracker...two some awesome..but threesome...wonderful..