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Hasanaamba Temple - 22nd October 2011

As per the legend, the Sapthamaatrike's (Seven sister of Goddesses of Power), three of them found a place in Devigere - A Pond of Goddess in the heart of Hassan, one more form found a place in Kenchammana Hosakote near Hassan.  The rest of the three found a place in the form of Anthill or Hutta in a temple in Hassan.
Raja Gopura in construction
The legend goes saying the Hasaanamba temple is about 800 years old, and is dedicated to goddess Shakthi or Amba.  The main deity of the temple is that of Hassan.  The inner chamber of the temple is open for only two weeks, that is the first Thursday after a full  moon-day in the Ashwayuja Maasa (roughly in October-November) just before Deepavali, and will be closed on the last day of the Deepavali, that is Bhalipaadyami.

The goddess is in the form of ant-hill or hutta which resembles the deity of Hassanaamba as goddess Parvathi.  When the temple remains closed, water, bags of uncooked rice, a lit lamp and flowers are kept in front of the goddess.  It is believed that when the temple is opened the next year, the rice remain the same, and so is the lamp which constantly burns.  The notable point in this temple is, once closed, the temple complex is fully airtight, there is no chance of either air or light getting inside the main temple.
Siddeshwara Temple

Next to the Hasanaamba temple complex there is exists a temple for the lord Shiva.  Here the idol is said to be Udbhava Shiva in the form of Kiratha (Beda - Hunter), and also Arjuna, one of  the famous brothers of Pandavas. It is believed that a story in mahabharatha that, Arjuna wanted to get Paashupatastra - An arrow which he wanted to use in the battle of Kuruskshetra to win for the pandavaas. Lord shiva, test Arjuna in disguise of Kiratha - The hunter, both shoots the arrow to one pig, and fight for the claim in a forest.  Finally seeing the dedication, and also the fighting spirit of Arjuna, the lord Shiva gives the Astra - The weapon which Arjuna was looking for.  

In this temple, there exists a statue of Ravana playing Rudra Veena, but surprising factor is that it has nine heads instead of ten heads.  Even though not sure the real reason, but the statue looks very impressive.
Ravana with 9 heads!!!!

As I had grown listening to the legendary stories about this temple, the desire of visiting the temple grew with in me from the ages, since it will be opened only during Deepavali, so far i didn't get enough time to visit this temple.  
The temple

During last few years due to this yellow journalism from the media moguls, this temple shot to fame.  Even though there was descent crowd visiting this temple all these years, the popularity brought out by the media resulted in bringing the people in lakhs during a week to ten days mela.
Temple decked in decoration for the mela!!!

The temple is situated in Hassan which is about 174Kms from Bangalore on Banglaore-Mangalore Highway.
The thronging crowd patiently managed by police

Hasanaamba Temple Complex


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