Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Thriller - Dudhsaagar on tracks

Banner : Alemarigalu Group Creations
Title  : A Thriller on the tracks of Dudhsaagar
Producers : Passklans
Directed by: Soul Mates of Alemarigalu

Title Credits

A royal salute to the Indian Railways, the herculean effort to meet the needs of common man end to end, it deserves nothing less than a salute from our group. This post is dedicated to the Indian Railways and all their super supporting staffs.

Sri! , have you seen Kishore's mail?...what to do? will organise the train tickets, you speak to him!!!

Don't worry buddy..i will talk to him, will resolve it!!!

...after speaking for a while with Kishore, and later with Latesh, Sri pings back Prashanth

Hi buddy, book the tickets for Naveen, and Ashish.  

Every one on their toes..and eagerly waiting for the clock to tick 9.15 PM.

By evening, one more "Little boy" was dropped on the group of alemarigalu. This time in the form of drop out message from Yashdeep.  

"Sri! am now worried, hahahaha...."

"Wait let yashdeep comes for the photo sharing..will both kick him on the @#@#@# nicely!!!"

So finally a mail will go to the group saying Ravan has lost his tenth head..so now instead of 10 Commanders..Nine vagabonds are on the tracks of Dudsaagar.

By the time engine driver pressed the start button in Yeshwantpura railway station, all the nine aligned themselves hugging one another, and getting prepared mentally for the next 48 hours of action piece.


5.45AM on Saturday 12th May 2012....Rani Chennamma came to a screeching halt at  Hubli Junction!

One by one..with the backpacks get in to the near by restaurant to feed their stomach..after reserving their tickets to Castle Rock in Chennai-Vasco Train.

Now the sojourn starts...All of of them were eagerly watching outside to know, whether Castle Rock station arrived.  Yes it is.
Sign board welcoming the bonds!!! the Annabond's

The big big Castle Rock railway station!!!!
Nine bonds on the rock of castle platform!!!!

Tandurusti ka raksha kartha hai lifeboy...lifeboy he jaha..tandurusti ho vaha...LIFEBOY!!!!!

Will come back after a short break!!!!


  1. Okie OrganRizer We'll Wait For Further Screenplay...

  2. U can be a good screen play writer...bollywood is missing one..

  3. Thank you Sandeep..Yes the full picture is getting processed..shortly it is going to release..

  4. Somu...Thank you for your waiting..shortly it is going to release on the small screen...

  5. Anil..welcome to my world...Thanks for your comments..Bolywood has many potboilers...so am happy here...hahahahah

  6. Nice warm-up. Just like the General Compartment ride from Hubbali to CastleRock. Cant wait to get started...

  7. Oye Sri, your narration is as if you have pulled woollen out of the sweater. great work.

    A salute to the hard looking chap from Bihar who kept Gandhi in his heart instead of wallet.


    just fantastic!!!
    if i ever trek doodsagar... i don't think i will be a layman!!