Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Thriller - Dudhsaagar on tracks - Part III (Climax)

Trailer is here

Now the time for climax!!!!

A gentle look & the water fall said 

" people are brave enough to trek all the way..but unfortunately my hubby forgot to switch on the water is in the sump only..not lifted up...!!!"

"Please go down..and have a rocking time"

We couldn't ignore the we started trekking down to the falls.

We used to these kind of winding, sliding path aka in Kumara with out any tears nor sweats in our eyes easily we reached the bottom of the falls, and also pitched in the tent. 

"Oye bai log..kya kar rahe ho...inspection ke liye saab aanewaala hai..aap yaha nahi teher sakthe...jagaa khaali karo..faast"..a forest guard came running by seeing our pitched in tent, and our baggages.

So didn't had any that time Somu and latesh Said "Oye Sri...the falls is telling something to us"
When we carefully heard "...sorry folks..come up there is a shelter above..reserved it for you people"

With out any second thought..we trekked back..and pitched our tent in an elevated platform.

ICS Chief Chef Soma got in to his business, with supporting cast in the form of Latesh. The rest of the gang stocked the required fire wood to keep the fire burning. Every one had a nice dinner stomachful.  

 All jokes, PJ, OJ everything flowed in, around ten in the night, decided to get in to the grove of sleep.  What a night it was..Pitch dark, Pin drop silence..suddenly series of bogies tearing the silence in to pieces one after the other. Some of them managed to get "Sound" & some "Sleep"

"Oye what to do" 
"what's the plan"
"where will go"
questions were on toss at everyone..but back of everyone's mind..wanted to spend the day near the falls only. So weighing down all options, and also to get back to Londa in time..with out tossing the coin as "Jai & Veeru" do in Sholay...we stuck to the idea of staying back till noon to catch "maal gadi" at 13.00 Hrs to Castle rock.

Again Somu got in to the business of preparing delightful hot and sour soup.  Wow...what a taste..simply got re-energised..My headache which haunted to all the night...just started running backwords on the railway tracks..

Too many photo sessions followed..almost at the time of getting aligned to take a group snap...Prashanth screamed "arey bai logs..apna apna saaman utaloo..aur chal pado..train aaraha hai"

We pleaded, folded our hands, legs asking the driver to drop us to Castle Rock, first he didn't....but later we all told him 

"India got independence"..
he asked "who gave us the freedom ?"
"Mahathma Gandhi"
"Ok...chalo I want to see him...can you show me"

We got in to the train..chit chatting followed..Our Soma collected most information like how the engine runs, what is mileage, speed, how many engines required on the upper gradient of the ghats and so on...happily the engine crew explained everything..what a nice people indeed.

In the castle rock station..Station master replied "You can get in the goods train, ask the guard he will stop at londa station"

Guard said "I can take you all the people..but I can't guarantee that train stops at Londa"
Naveen "Koi baat nahi bhaai saab, aap train ko rokh saktha hai...kuch keejiyenaa"
His charming kid's smile not related to his physique did wonders..Somu, Prashanth, Latesh, Anil managed to convince the finally guard with a smile on his lip "aajaaw..kuch karenge"

The journey back to Londa was a fabulous one..Whatever i had the illusion about the train journey just faded just like the great shot taken by sandeep on the moving train.

Close to an hour on the train on the last dabba to Londa was just completed and complimented our thrilling moments on the tracks...and it is just an amazing end to our thriller on the tracks to Dudhsaagar.

The guard was a super human being we found from the land of bihaar.  He said "I love mahatma gaandhi..but i like to see him only in the photo on the wall..but not in my wallet...Aapki duwa mere liye bahut hai!!!"

All of us were lazy enough..and decided to spend the remaining three-four hours happily sitting on the Londa Railway station sipping masaala butter milk, Peda, Vada-Paav with mirchi..

"Ok..guys..will meet  you soon for the photo sharing"

We hugged each other..and with the great moments carrying in our heart, and in the "Memory Card" treaded back to our homes and then to our office.

Highlights :
1. Train journey just removed all the cobwebs from my heart (Probably the team travelling in makes the 
    difference..Hats of "Alemarigalu Group)
2. Mein to Lion hoo..magar ghar jaate hei Durga maata chad jaati hai (Latesh)
3. TC : show the tickets...Naveen" No tickets TC: Then "FINE"..Naveen: "ok fine"
4. Kishore...after looking at Prashanth's Specs "It looks a candy bar..and would like..!@#!@#!@#"
5. Kishore..The colour Blue is an integral part in my life "My pen, My dress, My Bag, My 
    @#$#@#..everything is blue...suddenly Sri" says even the ......also was ....."
6. Out of Nine Knights.."Ashish" was the most energetic..and a salute to his energy level..he made his 
    papa proud.
7. Kishore thoughts about Anil, and his story of Calf, and its caressing, and its end result.
8. Somu's delighful cooking services.
9. Latesh raw power to chisel the woods in to pieces to help the cook to keep the fire on
10. Anil's initial thought..just vapourised as we chugged along. 
11. Naveen & Latesh's conversation...reminded me Tom & Jerry pranks
12. Sandeep ultra silence all the way..but his camera spoke on his behalf all the way
13. Prashanth's naya avataar..his fourth on the trot am seeing him change his outlook in every of our outing

Oye it a hair raising feeling...If "yes" visit again..

If if "no"..then take Aspirin..



  1. Wonderful blog Srikanth, the way you look and store moments is fabulous.

  2. All Trilogies ever made are Super-Duper Blockbusters (Godfather, Lord of the Rings, among others) And so is this one.

    Enjoyed re-living every moment of this hair-raising trip :)

    Btw the ICS Chief Chef for the next morning was ME! Soma was just just posing :D

  3. Its really good picturesqueness,
    if people cant understand then please read from 3rd to 1st blog. So by this way we can reach dudhsagar again.
    But our screenplay is completed now.

    Sri: Yes its hair rising of 48hrs...

    Pk: hahahaha :)

  4. Many things should start..and some things should end...that is the loop for the friendship...Thanks for your comment..always you will be the first to visit, and comment in my most of the blogs..very much appreciate it.

  5. Smarty Latesh Airtel hellotunes says..instead of boring trin trin..why cant you have a nice song..that kind of song would want to play in every travelouge..your eyes and ears to appreicate is good boost on my morale..thanks a lot..

  6. is a great com(pli)ment from the author of many tour diaries...super..those movies are legdends in their own way..comparing that is a greatest compliment i can say..bow my head to you..and the keyboard.

  7. Somu..sequence when comes in picture..makes the footprint even better...whoever makes the soup..they made me to get out from the deep headache..still my tongue savours that moment..kudos to both you and prashanth!!!!