Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Drive To Sholay Hills - 28th April 2012

Some mails enthralls you, some mails irritates, and some mails make you ponder over the things what is going such mail just shaken my strong confidence.  

My strong confidence said "Sri, am missing you!!!!"

Was thinking how to shrug off, and recharge the batteries, suddenly a bolt from the blue thought came in, even in my all time favorite movie "Sholay", Thaakur (played by Sanjeev Kumar...what a performance!!!), was in this kind of dilemma.  So he hired two samurai's to get rid of Gabbar Singh.  So this thought came in, and  messaged my trusted Samurai Sandeep, who didn't take a second to say "yes" (so far he never said "No"), and called "Girish", he wanted to drown in my friendly "ships" from a long time, he too obliged to my request.
What else could be the best place, so ventured in to Ramadevara Betta aka Sholay Hill in the wee hours of cool & "warm" Saturday 28th April 2012. 

We zipped on the Mysore road, and safely reached the foothills.  We were surprised to see a gate almost a kilometer before the main entrance.  After the query, it was found that, in and around the hills was declared as a forest reserve for Vultures, so the restriction would be soon on the early morning hawkers to catch the glimpse of the hill.
Giri-Preeti the new pair, started counting the steps, missing the count, and some how managed to get the count (hope it is correct!!! :-)).  Sandeep and myself on the freezing the frames spree.  We went on, the hills kept some breathtaking landscapes for us.  

I recollected all the sweet memories we spent during our education time.  There was no burden over the  shoulders, nor that am great and you are not kind of attitude, this made us to trigger the joyous moments during those days, where in we roamed past most of the tall hillocks in the Ramanagar belt.  The days will never come..but the memories will walk with us like a shadow all the way.

The outing was good enough to bring me back in to the stream of confidence. The love and affection of the new pair made me feel that love exists every where, and the height of the heart is important not the physical height. Both were complimenting each other word by word. This couple's understanding is just awesome, and I wish all the great times ahead in their life.  

We comfortably reached Bengaluru by 10.30 after a small pit stop near the Bidadi to savour the famous Tatte Idli, which proved to be hit with a great taste to fill the stomach.

Finally when I back to home, my mantra to happy life,  my confidence with a placard saying "we should have the heart to understand but not the wallet" was waiting in my home.


  1. First of all Myself and Preethi are very thankful to Sri since We had a Wish that After marriage we wanted to go to Ramadevara betta.. My beloved personality "Lord Sri Rama". Thanks a tonnnnn Sri for making it happen. The instantaneously planned short trip to Ramadevara betta was truly awesome with Sri n Sandeep. It was really a long time i had not been to any trek/trip with Sri n Sandeep. That happened today with a special new appearance ....thats with Giri's preethi = Preethi :). And as always Sri has superbly weaved his writing and wannu say Sri is a good observer as well :):). Thanks to both Sandeep n Sri for the photoshoot :P:P :).. The Group pic has really memorable :):) .. Jai Sri Ram

  2. So Sri... Kitne aadmi the??? :D

    Shame on me for not going there still.... even though Ive been to so many places around it!!!

  3. Saray Photos Blog mein daldhe THAKKUR !!!! Daldhe Thakkur !!! Gabbar singh bahot khush hoga