Saturday, March 17, 2012

Kambala - March 10 2012

The cultural feat in coastal town - Joppinamogaru

The venue - Joppinamoguru
The name sounds very different..the event is something special..the atmosphere is absorbing..the sun is at his scorching best..but all these never impacted the great couples on the muddy field..that is buffaloes in pair...
The track for the record of Kambala!
I always wondered how the adjective word..can become a great "verb" on its own..i witnessed this turn around in a small village near the bustling coastal town of Mangaluru.
The man, the beasts..and the Kambala!!!!
The path to Kambala itself was a muddy road..that triggered the imagination of Kambala..whatever we read in the electronic media, printed media, the light and shadow media everything will get in to the back burner the moment you were in the location of the Kambala!!!!

My buddy Prashanth Kishan triggered this first trip in coastal belt for the alemarigalu group.  Our best group for all my treks so far lined up just like the eleven of champaner aligned in the movie Lagaan.
Prashanth's desire to put his footprint on Kambala being fulfilled!!!!
A memorable walk of about half a kilometer on a muddy track lead us to the "battle" ground of Kambala.  
The decked up track, the animals, and the raiders!!!!

The buffaloes were decked with colourful flowers, tapes, ropes and looked like a bride entering a hall of fame.  Even though the buffaloes looked in aggressive mood, some were too sedate to heed to the demanding beatings of the riders, some were obedient, some of them were aggression personified.  You could witness all sorts of e-motion filled beasts.

The riders were powerful, multipacked, and brave is not easy to run with those charged up animals in that path of slush.

It is true, that our heart is in the villages..Villages has the "heart"ificial image of the county...the cities are only "art"ificial. 
The Kambala - Chase begins!
The event which is a get away for the villagers who shred their efforts for the welfare of the so called white collared urbans, this is a real entertainment for them. The entertaining sport becoming a money minting mine is the sad part of the event.  nevertheless the event doesnt loose its charm just because of this.

The friendly people, the atmosphere, the climate all added its own charm for this event. For non-enthusiastic kambalites, there were other attraction as well. The crispy water melons, the spicey pine apple, the money gambling game, the antartic crushed colourful name it , you can have it..that was the tempting atmosphere existed there.
Tempting attraction all the way!!!!
The candy, crisp water melons!!!
With a great experience of the trial of the events in the heart, and the memory card..slowly we tread back to the bustling town of Mangaluru..

The things I clicked on like tab :

  • The organising the event of this magnitude
  • The participants, the animals, the crowd
  • The eateries, back water, scorching sun, but delightful weather
The things which forces me to press the dislike button
  • The charged up animals
  • The way riders are throwing their frustration by beating the buffaloes all the way in the muddy track
  • The people who are controlling the animals once it reached the finishing line beating them repeatedly to gain control over them.
Over all..a satisfying experience...and the statement..

The heart of the country is in the artisitic village life...but not in the artificial urban life!!!!!


  1. These are ameture photos friend.I am very much addicted about your blog.

  2. Thank you Animesh for visiting my world..Ya more in to words..less in to light and shadows...

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