Sunday, June 5, 2011

TCS - 10K Mara-Walkathon - 5th June 2011

The marathon was a fun event for me, trying to burn some extra calories to gain more, and also to relax on the weekends.

Sandeep & myself decided to jump in to Majja Run, and rightly we registered ourselves online. We were there in the brimming stadium well before 7AM on the Sunday morning.  
Entry point for the enthusiastic sprinters
Sandeep started using his third eye to capture the freezing moments, and got disconnected with me, after that we met near the Anil Kumble Circle, to lose him again in the mela.
The crowd. The crowd, and the crowd!!!!!!!!!

The event for Female athletes!!!!!

The professional in an unprofessional way!!!!!!!!!!

 Surprisingly, we enrolled for 5.7KM majja run, but we ended up running 10K open challenge, a nice experience altogether.  Next edition will run for 10K open challenge :-)

After that, my lone Mara-Walkathon started, surprisingly, i had enough companions on the way, check out the snaps below
The Spider Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!!!
Bond, The james bond in action!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tree man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where there is a woman, there is a (Sub)way!!!!

Cheering for the athletes - The king of monsters

When am in action, i can steam roll anyone - Avatar
Spent little time less than ten minutes to collect nourishments, and reached home by 11.00 Hrs.  It was an eventful weekend.


  1. Its true Johnny... Mara Walkathon...

  2. I am feeling like I was part of this event after reading this blog....very nice. keep it up....Sri Sri...108(Kanth)

  3. I liked too much "Where there is a woman, there is a (Sub)way!!!!"

  4. Wow bro..... So u enjoying dese days ha:-)
    As usual ur blogs r super cool:-):-)