Saturday, June 18, 2011

Biking to Nandi Hills early morning on 18th June 2011

The monotonous life almost came to a grinding halt.

Grinding Halt!!!!!!
All the good ideas are failing, and falling flat
Ideas falling flat!!!!!
Head and brain were like a top-less table.
Topless table!!!!

Started feeling like i was born in pre-indepence era....

Pre-independence era!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then the power filled lightening invite came from Sandeep about the early morning biking to Nandi Hills.
Opportunity, and lightening never strikes the same place twice
Just I ticked the right button..and Saturday morning by 4.30Hrs we are on the road towards Nandi Hills.  The Mother nature invited me with both the hands

The ride was excellent, cool breeze, no zooming past vehicles nor bumper to bumper traffic jam....

Our great ride to one of the historically significant Nandi hills were joined by new entrants to our group Prashanth Kishan, Suresh, and Shashidhar. We started off from Hebbal flyover by 5.00 Hrs in the morning.
Sandeep, Prashant, Shashidhar, and Suresh in order
It was unbelievable that near Bengaluru there exists a place close to any hills stations with Kodaikanal,or ooty or anyother hills stations.  Chilled weather, breezing wind, poor visibility up the curves of the Nandi hills was a a trail blazer still nature was awaiting to unleash the splendor of mother earth.
For close to two hours mother nature softly spoken to my heart with mute button on.  My heart slowly but effectively observed, galvanised the breathtaking live frames of the nature's nature.
The awesome windy Tippu Drop just blown away all the dust on the heart...while climbing down the hills..the heart, the body, and the mind was as light as smile of my best friend enjoying the ridel.
My best friend enjoying the nature!!!!
More photos in the following link :

The finale
  1. One more trouble free ride from my best friend (TVS Victor)
  2. The foggy, impossible poor visibility made the trip the memorable one
  3. The ride on close to hair pin curves just reminded the curves of !@#!@#$@#$@#
  4. Start early in the morning...forget about the over hyped cloud bed..but misty, foggy nature will be just breathtaking
  5. Don't waste money, and time for breakfast or lunch on top of the hill
  6. Like any hill stations, the monkeys, and the mongers will bother you all the time


  1. Loved the intro for this blog!!! Well-written and enjoyable reading :)

  2. Hi There,

    Nice and informative blog. Me and my hubbie are planning to visit Nandi Hills on our kinetic. I was wondering if the hill roads were safe to ride as I will be riding in parts. Did you guys switch off the engine downhill? Need some tips.



    1. Hi Kusuma

      Thank you for visiting my blog. Sorry for the delayed response. (Hope by this time you had been to Nandi hills, still)

      Ride slowly on the hill roads, since it has couple of hair pins, while coming down..we didnt switch off the engine, i advise not to switch off!

      Start early morning, and probably by 11 you can be back in your home. (best time would be july to Dec) where you can see the clouds passing by you :-)