Friday, November 9, 2012

Trip to Sirsi - The Journey with the time!!! - Part 3

Sirsi Part I
Sirsi Part II

A wonderful 12 hours on a day where we ended the day by visiting the father..and started the day with his son...

The father and son get ups are different ,if you see them you will know by yourself that you will think twice to scratch your head. Father has a long, curled, sticky hair, where as the son has few humps on his head.  Even Charles Darwin's also will think twice, how it can happen.  

Hey no no..don't scratch your head, we started the day with Maha Ganapathi Temple in Sirsi, and ended with Mahabaleshwara temple in Gokarna. Ha Ha Ha :-)

Who doesn't like Ganesh?...Probably no one in this world.  A nice combo of ultra modern temple, and  powerful god inside as per the Sirsi people, without blinking, the group of alemaarigalu started off by praying the lord of clear the obstacles "Maha Ganapathi".  The temple hold its place in the centre of the Sirsi town, with devotees pouring in. 

Map to the Mahaganapthi Temple

Maha Ganapathi Temple Complex

Ganesha in Gargha Gudi

After taking the darshan,we headed towards his father's den..that is Yana.  A good 40+Kms from Sirsi, through the dense forest gave a soothing effect, a test drive of "Tavera" for about 3-4 Kms also boosted my energy level.  

Sirsi to Yana - Route Map

A board said "Welcome to Yana" with pictures of Bhairaveshwara and  Mohini Shikara. The place is rich in heritage, devotion and the  mother nature just sleeping with arms spread across.  Such a lovely place to visit the weekends. Any blogs  you open to know the history of yana, it throws up tons of pages.  That is the beauty of "Yana".  
Bhairaveshwara Shikhara in Yana

Mohini Shikara in Yana

Alemaarigalu in Yana!

Looks like a Lizard !!!
The team in Kailasa can be seen in Vibhooti all the time, after visiting the lord shiva, we were searching for Vibhooti, a board displayed in Yana  said "Way to Vibhooti Falls ~ 8Kms", which comes on the way to Gokarna from Yana, follow the sign board way to Vibhooti falls on the left side on the road towards Gokarna , take a left turn and drive for about 2Kms, and a good 1 Km trek in the forest leads to the falls.  
The Forest Cover!

Colours all the way

The Pristine Vibhooti Falls

The Vibhooti falls is a gentle water falls, which has everything in it, crystal clear water, a nice pool to get in to , tempting picture post card landscape.  A nice weekend getaway for the people in this locality, and even for the people like us THE ALEMAARIGALU. 

The team decided to visit Gokarna Temple, and then do a beach trek to Kudle Beach. All of us wanted to See the God of Light the "Sun"getting in to the water.

Yana to Gokarna - Route Map we followed

Without wasting much time, we went to the temple, had a quick darshan, and roamed around the temple to view the sun decked beach, and swiftly moved over the ridges of the adjoining hills to reach the clean and serene beach "The Kudle Beach". 

Sun was on the slide show, painting the sky and the beach with his own paint brush, camera started making the noise "click" "click".  

on the ridge!

Sun shutting down his office


Something "fishy"

One & Only!!!

"Star" attraction!
When the sun said good bye for the day, we headed towards filling our stomach..Oh man..for the first time, we had billed less, but we are content with our stomach..the reason behind this is Hotel CA :-)

(One more rewind is on)


  1. Awesome blog and pics Sri. Great driving in reverse gear :)

    Waiting for the concluding part.

  2. Father and son haha what a narration boss!

    Dear Sriman, Its happy to visit Yana in your post and watch it through your outstanding photos. Its impossible to me for trekking! I'm a external supporter of Alemaarigalu team. :-D

    Especially the Pristine Vibhooti Falls is like a heavenly creation. Your photography has a wall poster clarity. One & only photo is super a composition

  3. Thank you Prashanth. For a change i tried to drive in reverse gear. Hope it is going good :-)

  4. Badari sir, you must come with our group once. and thanks for your comment, and yana is not for only youngsters, it is approachable to all the age brackets 0.3 to 80 years. Thank you very much for your lovely comments.