Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Trip to Sirsi - The Journey with the time!!! - Part 2

Please click here for the Trip to Sirsi - Part I

I threw the stone to the beehive, and the bee started stinging one by one!!!

Hey don't look beyond the boundary, just that, we completed a glorious trip to Sirsi - The journey with the time, my soul was wondering, how to present, what to present.  Ideas started flying and stinging like the honey bee's.  

I love to drive my car in the reverse gear, so this blog as well :-)


A small, but a hotel with a moderate interiors welcomed us, out stomach was craving for something which it can hide in it.  I called the service personnel, he came running towards me..before i could open the mouth saying "Ha Ha Ha", the owner/cashier (guessing) triggered the bell saying, "take the token, and eat whatever available".  The ride to roller coaster laughter started from here. 

I collected the token from the cashier, and he said.."you can sit in your place, keep this copy of the token with you, he will serve to your table".  One hand pressing the stomach coz of laughing all the way, and in the other hand holding the token, slowly i started walking towards our table.

Prashanth, Latesh eye brows raised to the extent of second floor, i cooly narrated the story. Curious Prashanth started observing whats happening at the entrance of the kitchen.  

A smart looking "lady" started entering the token details in a ledger, and as and when the service personnel started serving the items we "paid" for, she found to be ticking the items in the ledger.  Since we were laughing more, and eating less, in no time we came to the end of the "paid" items, last arrow from the bow was Curd Rice.  

Our "chariot rider"  Sunil went to the counter, and said two curd rice, the cashier coolly said the "amount", I went and completed rituals for that "paid" items, Raghu was astonishingly looking at the staple served to his table - The curd rice. White rice in a bowl, and a glass of butter milk served separately.  One more surprise was waiting for us "The Vegitable Curd Rice" was served in a platter which we are accustomed with., and the taste was too good.  Till day i rewind the curd rice taste in my tongue :-) 

Latesh, Prashant, Sunil, and myself were laughing loudly, the cashier was looking at us as if we are the aliens.  

Latesh "Sri, if we sit for some more time, then he will switch off the lights in this area, and will say "you people already had dinner, so for talking you don't require lights.  Still, If one of you, found eating then a spot light will put on, point to that guy". We couldn't control myself from the laughter, came out, and "paid" for the Ice Creams, and started laughing again.  One thing is the food was good and economical :-)

Latesh pointed out one box with a caption "Tips for the workers".....Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. 

With a roller coaster ride on the Gokarna-Honnavara highway,we crossed Siddapura, Saagara, Shivamogga, Arasikere, Gubbi. 

Route map we followed from Gokarna to Bengaluru
On the way he inquired about the availability of fuel, but to our bad luck from that day all petrol bunk across the nation were on strike of working in only day shift.  So we had to wait till around 7.30 in the morning.  By the time, a person,  guided us to a fellow petty shop owner who was filling the vehicles. Strange exactly opposite to the petrol bunk there was one more (????).  By paying Rs.2/- extra per liter, we headed towards Bengaluru, and there by our home.

A fabulous trip, surprisingly low on the fun quotient, but high on the places and its significance,  covered came to an end. 

{Keep watching will rewind back :-) }


  1. Hotel CA? Hahaha
    Good one. I still cant stop laughing at this histrionics of the hotel and the fun we had there!

    And what a fun way of writing the blog - in reverse gear. Only you can do that! Or rather only Rajni can do that! :D

    Great post Sri

  2. Yes indeed, the hotel saga still creates a ripples of smiles :-). Thank you very much for your compliment Prashanth.

  3. This hotel is much funnier than I have imagined! Different from other na?

  4. Thank you Badari Sir..Yes it is much much funnier than any other hotel i had ever seen.