Friday, February 18, 2011

Savanadurga - Biking - Hiking - Rapling....

Always Savanadurga except monsoon, it keep throwing away challenges to everyone.  Looks very simple, but as you start, the real test starts, like the kannada proverb "Doorada betta nunnage" (The long distanced hill, always looks smoooth).
The essential thing for any Trek - Air and Water

This time, my trusted lieutenant Sandeep requested for a short, but nice trip cum trek, Yashdeep (Saint), Latesh (Smarty) too joined the chorous.  What is the best place, other than Savanadurga, so we just kick started to go on to this place of heaven on 13th Feb 2011, the Sunday.

On that day, god decided to store something great for us, so whatever we planned, everything went helter skelter.  But while coming back, when we had a flash back, we realised, god really made our day beautiful, and more beautiful

For this trip, i got in Arun alias Yoganarasimha uruf Swamiji, (My chota father in Law!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) an photographer ka baap in his own way., so it was 5 guys in three bikes. What a journey it was.

The safe assembly area and starting point of all our trek or trip is Sandeep's House. At 9.00 in the morning, we assembled, and were roaring to go. Smarty and Saint were fuming on me for the delay, as they themselves came late, and our Swamiji, missed few accessories from the camera kit, so i went with him to fetch that, all these made the delay, but as i said, something good was waiting for us because of all the delay.

En route to Savanadurga, myself, and Smarty due to confusion, came back again in search of Swamiji, but Swamiji's was waiting for us 2Kms ahead of us.  Again the delay, but good for us.
The team, Arun, Latesh, Sandeep, Yashdeep, and Me

We reached at 10.30AM, the base of one of the biggest monolith in the world "Savanadurga" meaning the Fort of Death. Smarty and Sandeep repeatedly asked the meaning of this, but i kept mum as if i didnt know this, coz, when we start anything good, the bad thing should not come or think, coz positive energy will get drained out.

With in no time, we were on the path to the summit, then a strange and wonderful thing happened.  The moment we saw a wonderful tree, Smarty, and Me climbed, and posing for the photographs.  Then we inspired others too to get in to the tree, by the time, the god sent friend "Kishor Jagirdar - Bina Jagir ke Jagirdar" was zooming in, there was no words exchanged, the telepathy worked here, we asked him to take snaps, and he coolly obliged, as if he came in to this hill, only to meet us.
Sandeep, Arun, Kishor, Yashdeep, Latesh, and Me in clock wise

Then it was a fevicol bond..mazboothi ki jod...After that we became inseparable, he left his herd and joined our bandwagon.  

We cracked all the jokes in the world, and all of us felt, as if we were all born with hands held together. 

Rapling ka funda :-

Latesh Smarty Pawar - The He Man 

Yashdeep on the rocky ropes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arun trying the tricks!

Smarty just pulled me to top - awesome energy

Inspired Kishore reaching the top of the cliff!!!!!!!!!!!

When we started climbing upwards, after a brief introduction with god sent friend, we hit a stiff cliff.  Sandeep decided to take the other path around, myself, Smarty, Saint, Swamiji, and Kishor decided to try the cliff.  Our "He Man" smarty was the first to climb without ropes, but with all hopes,  then Saint went up, then it was my turn, and then Swamji decided not to test the hard rock, he followed Sandeep's path.  Some how  we inspired Kishor to climb the cliff with the ropes. The energy and power of Smarty - Latesh Pawar was awesome.

We spent close to one hour to climb the small cliff of about 12-15 feet, but the experience to put in to words, requires multiple key boards to type it out.

 With jokes and jokers coming from all the cylinders, we kept our faith and energy intact, and the distance started reducing between us and the peak.
The shadows and the future always stands tall!!!!!!!!!!

The Group of Kishor
On the way, we met, Kishor's herd, they were coming down, we assured them that, we will send their leader safely to the basement ,after reaching the peak.  
The team on the summit!!!!

Kishore remark on our group - You people are to join !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After a brief photo session on the top, we started coming down, and by 5PM, we reached the base, and on the way, we collected gifts from Sun..amazing breathtaking moments on the sun set, and reached home safely by 20.00 Hrs.
The moving the shadow life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The sun taking a break from the duty

Spreading the light always fills the darkness

It was a fabulous experience.

The high-lightening moments

1. Biking after almost an year
2. The Physics and chemistry among the team
3. Wonderful dashing entry of Kishor
4. The he-manic energy of Smarty
5. The low cost trek - Rs.180/-


  1. awesome and the fond memory that will always kindle in my heart of friendship that was in its pristine glory