Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pyramid Valley + Trimurthy Temple - 27th Feb 2011

After reading many blogs on Pyramid Valley, I decided to venture in to this energy of pyramid.  

It is about 35Kms from Banashankari. Till passing through Metro in Kanakapura Road, the drive/ride is a nighmare.  Once got past metro, you can zip on the road.
The signboard on the Kanakapura Main Road

The signboard starts after few milestone from AOL.  There is a prominent landmark signboard on the left side of the Kanakapura Main Road.  There need to take a left turn, and go inside a village for about 1.5Kms. 
The Entrance to the Pyramid Valley

The security personnel ask you enter the vehicle number, name, address, and also contact number for reference in visitors register. After parking the vehicle, need to walk in the serene landscape for about 200 mtrs, you will get a first glimpse of engineering marvel - The Pyramid. 
First glimpse of the Pyramid

The Buddha in meditation statue welcomes with a Silence smile on his lips. Few steps behind the Buddha statue will take us to the giant Pyramid.  Hrere, footwear needs to removed, and also mobile had to be compulsorily need to switch off. 
The map of the valley
The Buddha in the deep meditation

A hand bill will be given to you about the Etiquette's of the meditation hall in the Pyramid. There should be drop dead silence, no infants are allowed (Age below 6 years).  The hall is big enough to accomodate thousand plus people.  There is king's court, where in you have to take steps up, but the condition is 30 minutes meditation is mandatory.
The Engineering Marvel - The Pyramid!

We sat there for about 15 minutes, as we didnt wanted to take chance in the king court, so we sat in the hall, and started coming out.  That lead us to one of the giant Budda in laid down approach.  It was a mesmirising moment to spend in the valley.  They will provide lunch between 13.00 hrs to 14 hrs.  Since, we wanted to attend a function, we didnt wait for that.

The landscape is just takes your breathaway, still it is in completion mode, probably it will take few more months to be in full glory. Decided to return back, once it is in finishing line.

On the way back, we visited Trimurthy temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, Lord Rama, and Lord Krishna.  It was a nice landscape to spend about an hour there. 

It was a good outing for the sunday, a ride down the kanakapura road, visiting pyramid valley, trimurthy temple, attending function.  It is a perfect outing for an amazing weekend.

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  1. We want you to see the same, again,

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