Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Revana Siddeshwara - Raamaprameya Temple - Heritage Grape Wine - 9th Sep 2012.

This is the trip where my 6th sense popped out!

Right from the day I planned for Sirsi trip, my heart triggered many SMS to me saying, you will not make it.  It happened, vehicle booked, list of members ready, packing almost done..then arrived the bolt from the blue...three members jumped out of the barrel  due to professional and personal commitments, my 6th sense started laughing out rather loudly at the corner of my heart!!!

When announcement made about the cancellation, Prashanth coined an idea, why should not we do a half day trip in the out"skirts" of Ramanagara!  

Prashanth, Sandeep, and myself found zipping on the mysore road at 7.00 in the morning hours on  Sunday 9th Sep 2012.

I was on top of Revanasiddeshwara Hill almost 20 years back, after that many attempts didn't materilise, so this time, after careful planning, we three were on the roll, and decided to make it to this hillock without any reasons. 
Sri Revana Siddeshwara Hill
Below the hillock there is a temple dedicated to Renukamba Devi.  The landscape impressed, and the temple as well, but not the priest, who found the newspaper more interesting than the devotees. 
Sri Renumkaamba Temple
When we came out, few people near a small make shift shop cum hotel few people called us to tell the information about the place.  I asked them what, then they said, cameras are there with you people, thought you are from TV9...all of us had a big grin on our face, and nodded our head and said we are trekkers. 

A good cemented 300-400 meters of winding road will take you to Bheemeshwara temple,  and then the few steps, few steps like, and few straight path takes you to top of the hillock where you can see Revana Siddeshwara Temple. The history of this place says the saint Revanna Siddeshwara did a penance for over 700 years, and people still believe he is continuing in some near by place.  
Sri Bheemeshwara Temple

Getting a new uplift!
The beauty of Revanasiddeshwara Hill is you will get to see panoramic view of Ramanagara, channapattana , whereever you see you will find a projected earth trying to touch the clouds.  Superb place to spend a few hours there.  
Looks like Elephant, and baby elephant!!

African map!!!

Going down the hill
Too many monkeys will make sure you are on your toes all the time to take care of your belongings.  A big bell on top of the hillock overlooks the hillock. The greencap around the rocky terrain breathes fresh to the lungs.
Big Bell!!!

Revana Siddeshwara had been sumitted with two legs, now the time for visiting Krishna in crawling position.  

When I parked my vehicle, and just turned around, I felt, hey I already visited this temple, and parked my vehicle exactly in the same place.  Probably a "Janmantara" program Anchor could tell me whether it is true or......coz this is the first time in my life I ventured in to this temple.
Raamaprameya & Ambegaalu Krishna Temple

My Reincarnation moment!! 
The temple complex just amazes  you.  Seems to be very old more than 1000 years old temple, and the granite slab says "Sri Purandara Dasaru" wrote the famous "Jagadoddhaarana aadisidaleshodhe" song here.  A sense of relief, and re-energy started filling in me.  Nevertheless it is the Krishna Temple, and Krishna in any form always infuses strength and confidence in me .

After going back to the history and roaming around 1000 years  years back...slowly our souls set in the urban civilisation. Time to take a tour in Heritage Grapes Wine yard, where Grapes hanging in the yard can give kick....so that you will be in hangover for sometime.
Bottling Ramp!!

Fermentation Tanks

One more view of Fermentation tanks!!

A tour in this yard will burn your wallet to the extent of 150/- with a video of 20 minutes about the Wines, and its history, and also you can taste 5 different types of wines.  I was not interested in testing, but my other two mates tasted, and also learnt the minute things about how to handle the glass, drink, taste, the types of wines and all.

Was surprised when prashanth said, holding the glass also makes difference when sipping the wine, for that our tour guide explained further how it makes the difference. Superb information indeed.  

With all the explanation given by the tour guide,  who took us around the wine yard, I understood that, tasting the wine and handling a wife is the same..!!!!

A nice short, sweet, sour, bitter wine testing ended our rather extended trip, and we safely back to our Bengaluru by 3.30 in the noon.

1. Go to Revanasiddeshwara in herds, you will enjoy more.
2. Water will not be problem, as you will get water at the bottom, and middle, and top of the hillock.
3. Raamaprameya temple (Ambegaalu Krishna temple) check out with the priests inside, whether photography allowed (boards says no), and take a few glimpses, really worth burning few space in the memory card.
4. Heritage Grapes Wine Tour, go there if you are really interested in sipping few drops of wine, otherwise it is a whole in your wallet.


  1. As always great blog Sri. Makes me re-live all the minor incidents of the trip. We should do these day trips more often :)

  2. Shrikant sir...

    Very Nice Article...Thanks for sharing your experience with us....Nice narration with beautiful photos....you made me to love that place...Thank u..

  3. Dear most,
    kindly take me with u for trips, except trucking!!! let me know the world. right now i'm a frog in a 'halu baavi'

  4. Thank you Prashanth... constant company will explore the new world around us.

  5. Balu Sir So nice, thank you for your wonderful compliment :-)

  6. Ashok Sir, really am feeling very good with your comment. Thank you so much

  7. Thank you Arvind, you are a Bhagavadgeetha when it comes to photography, and trip. Your comment deserves a lot!!!

  8. Badari Sir, thank you very much for your comments, surely will come along with you for one of the ventures.