Sunday, July 22, 2012

Gem of 4 Hours - Ramadevara Betta - Sholay Hills

The enthusiasm was completely dried..not even a single drop of it....
Just turned aside there found enough of energy spread across..

but question raised "how reach it out?", when we stranded with our hands
Then came the inspiration..when sheep's and goat's can..why we can not..
With the thought in the in the limbs...we were at the bottom of the cliff in no time..after starting from the Mysore road point at 7.30 on a Sunday morning

The weather was cool..wind blowing from all the proved to be perfect setting for a Sunday early morning small trek in the outskirts of Bengaluru. As I was regular for this place from the 1990's..but it posed different faces every time I step in to this small place of heaven nearer to busy bustling urban life.

The first blessings came in the form of Lord Hanuman, the priest narrated the significance of this place.  As Kaakasura (The Demon Crow) disturbed, and troubled Seetha Maatha, The Lord Rama decided to settle the score with Kakasura. But realising the might of Rama's Arrow, he apologized,  pleaded mercy..the kind hearted Rama blessed him, and in turn Kakasura promised the lord Rama that, he and his generation will never step in to this Hillock Rama Giri.  But due to the effect of Kaliyuga, the here and there we can see crow now.  But nevertheless mythology in any form is interesting.

Next stop of Lord Shiva, and then finally Lord Rama's blessings just evaporated our tiredness (was there any?) or ignited the lamp of enthusiasm to a greater extent.

We found few love blinders trying to celebrate birthday in the windy atmosphere.  Probably it is time to realise  that love blows the wind of emotion..and at the same should be covered with care.  They tried hard to light the candle mounted on a cake..(since they asked us for the match box, we knew about the celebration!!!!)... but the wind was the winner all the way!!!...don't know what they did later... 

for a change..prashanth dropped his regular DSLR..and brought shoot at sight camera..and he was happy clicking all the way.  We made a good fun of that as well.

We reached the top of the cliff...raining clouds hovering around...wind at  its best provided a stunning landscape as far eyes can zoom in.  After a marathon photo session....comfortably reached our drawing room by 14.00 Hours in the noon.

An economical trip, where my sarathi TVS Victor was brimming with confidence, and energy level....where he drank about three liters of fuel, and also few calories for me, ended peacefully providing a perfect energy filled path for the week ahead.


  1. Now, we can replace 2G, 3G & 4 G with a new speed rating..
    that is "Sri G". Super fast bullet points and cool photos

  2. Wonderful Superfast Blog Sri G. Hard to believe you posted the blog(s) "after" the trip concluded! :D
    Great narration and story-telling.

  3. Very informative article sir.

    Trucking really refreshes soul and mind. It boosts energy.

    Photos are really good.

  4. Sandeep....very nice compliment..hope our government will not mind it...and also no scams involved in it..hahah..

  5. Thank you kishore for visiting my world...:-D

  6. ideas outside..everytrip ideas oozes out just like without delay will write it out....thanks (Prashanth)buddy for the compliment..

  7. Thank you Badari sir..yes becomes dwarf infront of the mother nature..and also his ego..

  8. Thank you Ashok for visiting my world..!!!