Monday, June 25, 2012

On the winding path of Laughter - A Trip to Kari Ghatta - Srirangapattana with Bloggers 23.06.12

When positive energies are hovering on our head…just spread get energized…that is the lesson to be learnt…!!!!

Sometimes…just one click…..can click your life…It was one such click on a facebook post by Prakash Hegde…immediately a pop message came  in..”please come for the trip..we will be happy…”…surely sirji..”will tell you by tomorrow…was my answer”…since my blood is answer was also………

The 32 seater was zipping on the mysore road towards Srirangapattana – Kari Betta (Black hill)…A booming voice announced that a intro program…one by one in a sequence showed their teeth..and spelled out their name, fame, game….since every one of us using the Bluetooth technology….showing the whiteteeth and becoming friends was never a great task…

The easiest means of communication to transfer the files are “whitetooth”…just show the teeth…your profile in the public domain will get added up with a friends request…

By the time we reached Kari Ghatta ..the temple was still open…probably waiting for us…here the temple is dedicated to the lord venkateshwara..aka "venki"

After a quick darshan, and a brief intro on the temple by our effervescent, and knowledge bank Balu Sir, we rushed to reserve our seats for the fight..meaning fight between hand and mouth…

The temple is about 120Kms from Bangalore near Srirangapattana.  And the temple atop the hill with a steps about 550, but vehicle will go till the top.  This temple is about 200+ years old, and as any hindu temple also blossomed under various kings and kingdoms…

The lunch was delicious one..thanks to Balu Sir, the food was entering our stomach with out any red signal!!!!!!

Now the time for some fun factor..The bloggers had kept the best moments in a small open air theatre atop the hill..

Slowly..a swamiji was in the making..he updated his costume and his name was “Chandananda swamiji” making a mockery of Astrology.  One by one question rolled out from the “devotees” ..the every answer from the swamiji made the devotees to visit and .
Aasha Bhaabhi on the costume design!!!

What to Say!!! The "bundle" of Talent - Prakash Hegde - The Master Mind!!!!
Shivu jumped out of the bandwagon, and anchored a superb game show. 
The theme of the game is “Love is a very small word in the big world”
“when we tried to hold in the hands it just spills out”…
“try to capture slips out..try to keep it..drains out”
“..but try to balance lives for ever….”
Master Guru & Handsome Girish on the Balley!!!!

The ploy is to balance the ball by using the forehead’s with out touching the ball with the hands …slightly give a gentle tap dancing when the music is playing around…the balancing act should go on till the music stops…

Shivu’s analysis was super…in the beginning seems to be a easy task..but after few seconds it will becomes a tougher task..but keep the initial phase on the hooks..concentrate..then can speak, you can can exchange jokes..but the ball will never fall..

Like was love in the initial phase easy to handle..but difficult to manage..slowly when you know what is the ploy is all about…you start building the love with care and affection..

A Royal Salute to the craftsman Shivu…
Shivu The live wire!!!

The came one more banger…”Guru”..he opened out new games like, analyse the pictures and answer…..this brought out creative juices in all of us..
Operation Master - Guru!!!!

The theme again..The object, image or the project will look difficult..but careful observation, analysis can get you out of the doom..very good game indeed..

The next game in the form of holding the hands in crossed equation to form a human chain in a circle..and in one go..turn around without breaking the chain..

When everyone works for a project. symmetry is what it requires all the way..

 The final game for the day…build a tallest structure with the straws.  Three team worked out all the tricks in the trade by understanding the essence of the project and requirement as well.

Team building strategy will get exploded here..superb piece of games..

Guru the perfect Ops. Manager…

The day ended with a memento for everyone..

There was close to 30 people in the trip there was not even a single second of dullness. Everyone pitching themselves with one or the other activity, and enjoying the spirit of the team game…superb..

The whole trip was executed to the perfection by Prakash Hegde, Baalu Sir, Azaad Sir, Shivu , Mahesh, Naveen, Girish and the team
Azaad Sir - The Specialist, Baalu Sir - Energetic, Umesh  Sir - The Poetical Guru!!!

Naveen - Smiling Beauty!!!
Eagerly waiting for the next sojourn with the world of bloggers… 


  1. Nice fotos and very catchy write-up SiKanth...keep itup...

  2. Gud1 Srikanth....
    Well narated :-)

  3. good one sir , but one small correction , kari ghatta means elephant hill not black hill. in kannada kari means elephant.a well written post sir thank you very much.