Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Walk in Bangalore University Campus

Our own swamiji alias Arun ignited the passion of visiting university campus in mysore road in the wee hours of Saturday.  My heart said, why don't you try something new.  
Giri with Arun in an compromising pose!!!!

Normally for me trip or trek means atleast we should travel 50Kms, this is very near to my house, so there was a toss between ekka, Raja, Rani.  Finally decided for Ekka...and my trusted lieutenant Sandeep pressed "Yes" button,  The smart guy with a twisted hair style, Giri too wanted to join us, so all of us dashed off from Indrapastha hotel in Vijayanagar to Bangalore university campus. So by 6.45 we were there in the campus.
Lake in the lush green surrounding!!!!

Walking in the drizzling, cold path in the Campus is a delight.  Our heart refused to believe that, there is exists a thick forest with in 5-7kms radius from the bustling vijayanagar.  But it is true, the thick vegetation welcomed us with both the hands.

We slowly walked towards the jungle path, there were innumerable sprinters practicing on the way. It is a crime to disturb them, but we walked on the edge of the path, so as to give enough room for them to sprint their way to the ticking clock.
An insect which we thought it as a cotton waste!!!! 
It was a welcome break for all of us, in between, we continued our chatter box, which never stopped till we returned back to our home.  On the way, Vasudeva's Adiga refreshed our stomach with trade mark chutney with Dose, Vade.  
Spider his own "web" site!!!!

It was nice way to start the weekend.
Me, Giri, Sandeep, Arun


  1. Quick as Quick Sand...
    GooD Capture of Photography and memories..

  2. Superrrrrrrr Quick and hats off to you Sri :):):):) Very Nice

  3. Good experience you are enjoying each & every moment of life differently.


  4. Thank you is a job,,we should finish..then new task will come and sit..that is what am following :-D

  5. Thank you Giri...mind is a like a water tap..unless unleashed..the inner thing will not come out...

  6. Thank you Prasad...every moment of life meant to be enjoy the life to the

  7. Nice pics and nice location. Lucky students!